Gucci Handbags in Dubai

Gucci is today among the leading Italian worldwide fashion brands. Gucci can largely thank its fame and fortune to Tom Ford who was the leading designer of Gucci in the Ninetees and largely responsible for the brand earning fame also in the United States. Gucci represents very feminine and sexy collections with the heavy usage of dark colours. Most Gucci handbags too are made with dark colours. Let’s see what we can find at Gucci and where we can find Gucci in the United Arab Emirates.

Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 who has collected experiences while working in several big cities of Europe and was amazed by the luxurious leather luggage sets rich people were carrying with themselves. His hometown Florence also being well known for its leather artisans when returning he has quickly made his own brand with the collaboration of the local craftsmen. Gucci’s main line have always been the Gucci handbags and luggage collections. Gucci handbags are still extremely famous today. Gucci has become quickly famous but the rivalry and differences in the family have almost brought Gucci brand to be finished in the Eighties. The Gucci was bought by a Bahrain based investor in the end of the Eighties who have send an Italian Domenico De Sole to restore and revive the brand which was close to be finished by that time. In the 1990 De Sole has hired Tom Ford who with Dawn Mello have started the hard work to re-establish the brand to become as it is today. They have largely cut back on the previous collections and minimised the number of Gucci products in order to make the brand exclusive. They have moved Gucci back to its birth town Florence and have come out with designs which have highlighted the history of the brand. Thanks to their great collaboration and great designs the Gucci has started to wake up and with the leadership of Tom Ford from the mid Ninetees Gucci has become one of the leading fashion brands in the world. Gucci has grown so big that they have bought up the brands Yves St. Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Stella Mc Cartney , Boucheron and Sergio Rossi brands among others. Tom Ford bext to Gucci had concentrated and took part in the designs of Yves St. Laurent garments too.

The big change for Gucci came in 2004 when the French conglomerate Pinault-Printemps-Redoute has acquired Gucci by owning 60% of its shares and decided to change the whole management. The new designer of Gucci is Frida Giannini who is leading the creative business at Gucci with fair success. Gucci is today almost as famous as it was under Tom Ford. Gucci handbags are made with the best quality leather. Their forms are very distinctive and their style is mainly classy. In Dubai you can find Gucci handbags in the Dubai Mall where you can find the largest Gucci department store in the whole Middle East. Gucci is also present in the Mall of the Emirates and in the new BurJuman Shopping Mall. Gucci is also offered at Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai, within the BurJuman Shopping Mall.

Gucci handbags were trendsetters on several occasions, for example when Gucci came out with their bamboo holder handbags. Their collections are largely unique and this is exactly the same as how their handbags can be categorised. You can find Gucci handbags in Dubai in fair numbers and great quality.

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