Guess – The Popular American Brand

Guess, which was originally written as “GUESS?” have started to grow big more than 15 years ago, thanks to its great photo shots and campaigns fuelled with stars and the biggest top models at the time. Even top model Claudia Schiffer became famous through the great photographs of GUESS at that time. Guess has not stopped ever since. Its fresh and sexy style and its jeans, accessories and jewellery collections are continuing their way toward fame and success. Today, Guess partly represents the modern lifestyle with a big of an edge of the 50’s Rock & Roll and Route 66 feeling. Guess totally represents the West-Coast way of life in its collections.

Guess is originally a French-Italian brand found in 1981 and stayed a family business ever since, today directed by Paul Marciano straight from LA the headquarters of Guess. Guess has many diverse fashion lines today such as:

Guess Jeans: The jeans are the most frequently used material for Guess, as to represent the American Lifestyle. Their jeans collection is among the widest ever collections, with the making of pants, skirts, full dresses and minis or shorts in many styles all the same.

Guess by Marciano: Representing the sexiest like of the brand, they are the campaigns mostly represented in the big magazines everywhere in the world.

Guess Accessories: Including timepieces and jewellery collections for the young generation looking hip and modern. The newest line of GC watches has tremendous success.

Guess Footwear: The line started in 2007 and by now it has a stable success.

Guess Underwear: The underwear line of Guess is very popular all around the world.

Guess Kids: Baby and children’s hip clothes up to around 14 years of age.

Guess Fragrances: Guess had released its first fragrances in 2005 and they are promoting new fragrance every year ever since. Their perfumes for men and for women are quite popular.

The newest G brand of Guess is in real a teen brand, aiming almost solely those who are between 18-28 years old. The style as said before is fresh with a touch of the Fifties’ Rock and Roll feeling. The spotted materials for this reason are frequently used by Guess. G has better prices than the Guess originals, which adds an extra attention to them. In Dubai, frankly these styles cannot be really used out or worn either. The overly sexy style is not allowed in Islamic countries, therefore in the Dubai stores, more emphasis is put on the children and men’s collections of Guess.

The women shoppers of Guess who shop for themselves are mainly Westerners or American expats and they normally shop regular street wear or casual clothes. In Dubai, Guess is famous for its handbags, watches, jewellery, accessories, jeans and footwear. However, in this way their success in the fashion business of Dubai is stable for their brand name. In the Dubai Mall, you can find diverse shops of Guess, Guess by Marciano, Guess Kids and Guess Accessories.

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