Highest Rated Theme Parks of Dubai

Dubai theme parks are famous for their unique style and for their high quality entertaining features. Dubai lies under a heavily dry tropical climate, which means extremely hot summers and mild winters. This gives place for having lots of fun, in the water. Water related Dubai theme parks and water themed activities are highly liked all over Dubai. Let us see some of the most popular Dubai theme parks:

Wild Wadi is definitely among the most popular Dubai theme parks since it opened its doors to the public a couple of years ago. Being a venture of Jumeirah Corporation right in the neighbourhood of Jumeirah’s other world famous properties the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Madinat Jumeirah hotel and entertainment complex and last but not least the world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel Jumeirah’s most notable hotel, which has become the trademark of Dubai quality and the building is the iconic structure of Dubai. Wild Wadi is well known for many things, most of all for its fantastic slides some of which are motorised and give a unique experience. There are all sorts of rides here, for every generation. Those who would like to rest can rent a villa in the area of the park or have a relaxing journey down the complex’s very own manmade river and as the newest services of the park; guests can enjoy FISHO the fish spa with Gara Ruffa fishes to exfoliate the feet’s dead skin cells. A great and unique experience!

Aquaventure is a very popular Dubai theme park, lying in an already picturesque location: it is part of the huge Atlantis the Palm hotel, probably the largest hotel of Dubai standing on the outer rim of the manmade Palm Jumeirah palm-tree shaped island; it reminds everyone of a paradise resort. Aquaventure has its own beach a very nice ziggurat which hosts one of the trademark attractions of Aquaventure, a slide going down to a pool full of blue sharks, yet the journey doesn’t end here. You will slide into a tube where you will go underwater where you will be sliding among the blue sharks yet of course stay separated from them, because of the ultra-strong plastic tube. Aquaventure’s other leading idea includes the Lost Chambers attraction, which is a very interesting exhibition showing artefacts and other remains said to be descending straight from the lost continent Atlantis, featuring signs of cultures, which have never lived on the face of the Earth. This exhibition is very interesting for both children and their parents, featuring the remains in aquarium; in fact, the whole Chamber is located underwater.

iFly is located in Mirdif, it is not really enlisted among the Dubai theme park but it’s definitely a very unique fun and entertaining centre, as it gifts people with the amazing experience of flying. Thanks to high-pressure heavily controlled air, the iFly gives a ride on the air. It is a real fun, located in Mirdif City Centre.

Aquaplay is bringing aquatic Dubai theme parks to a wholly new aspect, this theme park is indeed for the little ones, without actually bathing, it makes children to know, to learn and to be familiar with water. It is a fun place, located in the Mirdif City Centre.

We hope that this small introduction of some of the most popular Dubai theme parks will help you to find the perfect entertainment for you while you are staying in Dubai.

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