How To Choose The Best Clinic For Plastic Surgery in Dubai

Plastic surgery has never been this famous in Dubai, as it is these years. An active player in the field of medical tourism, Dubai ensures to have the best amenities and quality plastic surgery clinics, which perform highly trusted operations and beauty treatments, in order to make patients look their very best.

Today, there are several clinics in Dubai, which perform plastic surgery. However, you must make sure that you go to a trusted one, which is certified by ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and is a member of further international organizations with the necessary experience in the field of plastic surgery, not to mention the necessary amenities, tools and the best-prepared staff that take care of the patients. Dubai has the biggest Healthcare City in the world and already working on its second large medical base: the Dubai Medical City. This way, the emirate wants to make sure, that it remains a major attraction for all those, who want to visit and spend time in the emirate to undergo aesthetic or plastic surgery.

Today in Dubai, some of the best clinics include:
• American-British Surgical and Medical Centre
• London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery
• American Academy of Plastic surgery

Each of these institutes carries international credentials and has surgeons with decades of experience in their respective field. The surgeons of these institutes generally operate also in their homeland as well. These institutes are located in the Dubai Healthcare City. Of course, there are dozens of other plastic and cosmetic surgeries that operate in Dubai and all across the Middle East, such as Silkor, which is also well-known in Saudi Arabia.

Today, the mostly opted plastic surgery treatments in Dubai include:
• Liposuction
• Nose surgery
• Ear surgery
• Facelift
• Hair implant, transplant and hair restoration
• Breast enlargement
Of course, this is far from all the plastic surgery treatments that are available at Dubai cosmetic surgeries.

Although most of us are content with our outlook and only aim minor corrections by ways of cosmetic treatments, there are people, who are seriously depressed about their outlooks and for them it will indeed do good, to undergo plastic surgery. Also, we must add, that plastic surgery is slightly bigger a field than cosmetic surgery, as it also includes those correction operations which are necessary because of deformations as a result of an accident for instance.

Plastic surgery means both invasive and non-invasive treatments, which roughly mean external and internal treatments. Patients must be aware, that even non-invasive treatments, such as a Botox therapy or a liposuction are considered as medical interventions that carry high risks if not performed by highly skilled personnel.

The most important is, of course to undergo plastic surgery at such clinic in which you trust. This of course includes the fact that your future surgeon has all the experience and credentials, together with a suitable clinic and operation tools and the well-prepared medical staff, in order for you to trust that medical centre.

Experienced plastic surgery clinics have the general practice of having multiple pre-operation consultations with a patient, in order for the patient to reach the complete understanding of what is going to happen, and also on what the consequences will be. This is especially important, when it comes to face-altering operations, such as nose correction jobs, which will greatly change the face of the patient. Experienced plastic surgeons always take this as their responsibility to prepare their patients psychologically for the consequences and for all post-operation symptoms that will and that may come. With larger operations, the resting time can be up to 2-3 months, which is combined by frequent visits to the clinic for checkups and the taking of medications during this time. There are surgeries that will require patients to stay in the clinic for a couple of days or for a couple of weeks. Even liposuction has a long post-operation period, which needs to be treated with the highest care, in order to avoid any complications or the risk of infections.

Therefore, if you go to a clinic, you will need to undergo a long pre-operation conversation, if necessary multiple times, in order to prepare yourself for the operation. Your doctor needs to be frank and open with you regarding all risks and the length of post-operation period. If this does not happen, then you should visit another clinic, or consult with another surgeon. These years, celebrated plastic surgeons also operate at Dubai clinics such as the American-British Surgical and Medical Centre where one of Hollywood’s best plastic surgeon – Jason Diamond operates once a month. Apart from him, Dr. Maurizio and Dr. Roberto Viel, who manage the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery also own all the best international certifications and experience to trust in. All the upper mentioned medical centres all work with the best experiences doctors and staff.

Of course, apart from these clinics, there are local Dubai clinics, which have great skilled staff and doctors and work well and safely. A high number of skilled and licensed Indian and Pakistani surgeons work in Dubai clinics with the best credentials.

Due to the great need for plastic surgery, Dubai financial institutes have worked out a financial solution for Dubai patients to pay for their treatments and operations within a longer period, which are called medical loans, meant for all those, who are not able to pay the whole treatment in one. For non-Dubai citizens and tourists the majority of costs are covered by medical insurance. This plan works very well, especially in Great Britain and in the United States, where medical insurance covers costs up to a very high amount of money.

Overall, if you would like to undergo plastic surgery in Dubai, you will need to spend weeks prior and possibly months there, after your operation. The rates of Dubai plastic surgery are quite friendly, in return, from which you can expect high quality treatment, before, during and after operation.

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