Investment Banks in Dubai

The banking industry is a huge industry with several interesting elements, also those elements that are either differentiating the banks in one country, while in other countries these are operated together. We are talking about mainly the investment banks, the retail banks and the commercial banks. These banks were differentiated because they cover different financial sectors. Let us see how investment banking works in Dubai and which are the biggest investment banks in the world with Dubai branch offices.

There are countries where the two types, namely the investment and the commercial banking were divided into two very different categories. Let us see what the key differences between the two are: Commercial banks deal with a specific corporate clientele in Dubai while investment banks mainly deal with everyone, manage interests, markets, do research and overall make investment programs a more important. Investment banks deal with marketing, mutual funds, hedge funds, pensions, wealth management, brokering, underwriting and selling. As it’s the retail and investment banks which deal with all sorts of customers we can say that most of the banks we deal with day by day are investment banks yet in Europe the two versions are not really differentiated within a bank there are more departments with commercial and investment branches as well.

According to the statistics of the site “Maps of World Science” the top ten investment banks in the world are
* Goldman Sachs
* JP Morgan Chase
* Morgan Stanley
* Citigroup
* Bank of America
* Barclays
* Lazard
* Credit Suisse
* Deutsche Bank

All these banks can be found in Dubai, mostly in the International Financial City where most of them are headquartered. Dubai firmly believes that it is destined to be and stay one of the most fruitful areas of investment banks.

Unfortunately, the truth is elsewhere, in this case, in the United Kingdom. The huge investment banks, led by Crédit Agricole which although not on the list, was one of the most important investment banks of Dubai, it pulling out, Deutsche Bank is planning to partially pull out and other banks have stopped giving loans or mortgages in all. Let us hope that Dubai will soon be back in its flourish for investors. More than 200 projects have been cancelled due to the crisis.

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