Jil Sander Handbags in Dubai

Jil Sander is a company and a person (the designer herself) in the same time. Originating from Austria, Jil Sander brought in the Austro-German minimalist art into the dress designs. Her collections are still the most widely known of this pure images. Although the line is not lead by the designer herself anymore, it tries its best to keep the heritage, which made Jil Sander so famous. Jil Sander handbags are widely regarded great by many people with their clean, geometric lines they are great for female executives and for everyday office wear for every woman.

Jil Sander has released her first collection in the early Eighties and the reception was still a bit lame considering the New Look they have represented, all made with a strong minimalist flavour, yet with the usage of high quality materials. The precise cuts for trousers, costumes and suits has later on made Jil Sander’s clothes widely appreciated by women who worked in higher executive leading positions. The colours used by Jil Sander at that time were different shades of grey, beige, blue, black and white all the most beloved colours today when talking about office and elegant office dresses. She has always loved the usage of cashmere and the price of her collections has always been high. Jil Sander handbags were also clean cut, suitable for work and everyday use. Jil Sander designs today still represent the main image that was started by the designer. Yet, things got stormy when in the beginning of 2000s the already growing Prada has acquired the brand and Jil Sander had many difficulties dealing with the Italian leadership who wanted too many changes which she could not accept on the prize of going lower in quality. The designer has resigned from the leadership of Jil Sander in 2004 but eventually got back and worked on her brand between 2004 and 2006. In 2006, Jil Sander brand was sold again.

Today, the designer of Jil Sander is a Belgian designer called Raf Simmons who teaches as a professor in Vienna. His collections for Jil Sander highly resemble the original aspect of the brand, but use more colours in order to adapt today’s trends. If you take a look at today’s Jil Sander handbags, you will see a much wider usage of colours and forms with Jil Sander handbags also becoming famous and sold my high-scale retails also in the United States, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, which happens to be the main connection between Jil Sander and Dubai. Today, the owner of the brand is a huge company called CCP (Change Capital Partners) . The first collection of Raf Simmons debuted in 2006 and ever since Jil Sander is highly regarded as one of the best prêt-a-porter brands in the world. Jil Sander handbags and designs are sold everywhere in the world, being very famous in Japan, the US, in Germany and in Dubai.

Let us see where we can get to find Jil Sander in Dubai: first, if you go to the famous BurJuman Shopping Mall you will get to find the Saks Fifth Avenue there, being part of the huge mall. Saks offers a great variety of Jil Sander handbags. The second place to find Jil Sander handbags and accessories is the Villa Moda Dubai, a mixed brand store offering high profile brands within the Emirates Towers Boulevard.

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