Lanvin Handbags in Dubai

Lanvin is the oldest fashion house in the world, which is still in operation. Founded in 1909 Lanvin started up as a real family firm, today it is among the most expensive high-profile haute couture brands in the world. Therefore, Lanvin handbags are for those having an exceptional financial situation, who can afford to have them. Apart from this, Lanvin handbags are sold very well, especially in Dubai, where the demand for luxury goods has always been high. Let us check out the history of Lanvin and the Lanvin handbags’ availability on the Dubai fashion market.

The story of Lanvin started in a very nice way. Jeanne Lanvin has one day made a beautiful dress for her daughter, and this dress had soon earned the attention of others and soon she started to make dresses and garments for a high profile clientele all around Paris. This happened as early as 1909. Of course the Second World War has battered the fashion brand but luckily it could stay in operation ever since. Today, Lanvin is a private company owned by the Taiwanese Shau-Lan Wang, one of the richest people in Asia and in the world. Lanvin has its boutiques all around the world, as the interest for high profile French brands from the capital of fashion is always great and the great items and designs of Lanvin have always reflected an eternal sense of classic elegance. This is extremely important when we talk about fashion. Therefore, Royal families from all around the world and prominent politicians and businesspersons make the basic clientele of the famous French brand. As we discussed it before, Lanvin has always been a brand, which is producing genuine, mainly handmade couture, definitely not for the masses.

Lanvin’s trademark colour is the blue of the beautiful flower Forget-me-not, which was reportedly the most popular colour of Jeanne Lanvin. The haute couture fashion house deals with the making of high profile dresses and jewellery. Lanvin handbags have often double the price of a Louis Vuitton handbag from which one can easily see that this means a high price. However, with this, comes an eternal sense of style and fashion, which these beautiful Lanvin creations deliver to their wearers. Lanvin has come out with its Men’s Collection in 2006. Today the brand features beautiful Lanvin handbags for women for both being an everyday companion and being an additional accessory to a beautiful evening dress. Checking out the variety of Lanvin handbags, you will see how beautiful they look like and thanks to their classic style, Lanvin handbags can be worn for a long time, without seeming out of fashion.

In Dubai, you can find Lanvin handbags at two places. One if the Emirates Towers Boulevard, a miniature-shopping alley that represents the highest luxury stores, the label boutique of Lanvin is located within the Dubai Mall. If you are in the lucky situation to afford Lanvin, then definitely Dubai is one of the best cities to check the variety out, as the prices are tax-free, meaning that they are slightly cheaper than anywhere else in the world.

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