Leasing a Car in Dubai

If you are staying, living or working in Dubai, but not sure about staying for more than 2 to 3 years for living and working there, then it is worth thinking about a better deal for you, which is to lease, loan or to rent a car. Many do not know the exact difference between leasing, renting or getting a loan, and how will it benefit you by choosing leasing instead of buying your own vehicle, so here we are to help you in solving your problem of vacillating.

So, what are the main differences between leasing and renting a car in Dubai on the first place?
Leasing and renting are in many ways similar. However, if you rent a car, then there is no chance for you to buy that car in the future, at least in a normal situation. Renting is for short term, which means that it also costs more if you rent a car. Leasing is a different thing. Leasing in one way is a pre-planned long-term rent. If you decide to rent a car, then you are talking about days, maximum weeks. Renting a car for weeks will cost you plenty of money, while when you lease a car, then the minimum period is 2 years with a maximum of 4 years. In addition, the monthly costs are way shorter than with a rental yet you can return the car whenever it’s necessary.

What are the main advantages of leasing to getting a car loan in Dubai?
With the lease, you can decide to give the car back at the end of the leasing contract, while with a loan, you must pay it till the whole period ends, unless you want to pay more, and then, when it ends and you want to sell your car, then you will face new problems. 4-6 years are a lot with a car, and you can count on how much less you will sell it to the original sum for which you bought it. If you buy it getting a loan, you will need to pay all those extra sums for getting the appropriate papers for your car. When you lease a car, your insurance level is much higher then when you start from zero with a new car. Also, with a lease you can decide to give the car back and lease another for no high costs, while if you have a loan it goes all the worse.

So, after you opt for a loan, you can get it for the 80% of its value as declared by the bank, which will result in a lower sum with high interests for you to pay every month, then let us just make a theoretical decision for you that you have opted for a lease.

So, where can you get leased cars in Dubai?
Most car rentals in Dubai deal with leased cars. Leasing is a good business in Dubai, as for most people their contract would last 1-3 years and they surely do not intend to pay extras for a loan but would still need to drive to and back from work. The most popular car rentals dealing with car leasing are the Diamond Lease Car Rental and the Dubai National Car Rental. These two have the best solutions and prices for you to lease your car. On the website of Dubai National Car Rental, you can even lease a car online!

So, think and consider all what you have read here, about leasing. The two above-mentioned car-leasing companies have offices all over Dubai, so, do not hesitate and take a visit to these offices to ask for more up-to-date information on leasing a car in Dubai.

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