Louis Vuitton Shops in Dubai

Louis Vuitton is the Bottega Veneta of France. Due to the trends, the handbags and clothes of Louis Vuitton has become extremely famous. The search for the famous Louis Vuitton handbags had started and besides the large number of copied Vuitton bags sold all over the world, the French Louis Vuitton business has its Golden Age in the international fashion sphere. Of course, Dubai, which has the greatest buyer of all sorts of luxury goods, was not left out of the fashion frenzy, and the Louis Vuitton label store in Dubai is highly visited by everyone who lives or stays in Dubai as well.

Shopping at Luis Vuitton is not easy though, as due to the huge attention, the brand has become extremely expensive. Louis Vuitton is the symbol of French taste and the first place of France in the international fashion world. Today, a Louis Vuitton label handbag costs well over 3000 USD, so it is normal that Vuitton concentrates on the cities where there is the highest demand and budget for luxury goods. The Dubai Louis Vuitton store opened in the Dubai Mall in 2008 for the very first time. Due to high demand, the second store opened in 2009 in the following year, in the Mall of the Emirates both in the very downtown in the Dubai in two shopping centres that are the best-visited shopping malls of Dubai. Therefore, thanks to the great acceptance of the brand in Dubai, the third shop opened in the BurJuman Center, already housing many design label shops, in the downtown of the famous historical centre of Dubai, called Bur Dubai.

Louis Vuitton is among the oldest luxury brands of France, opening it is first store in already 1834. Louis Vuitton is especially famous for its great quality collection of leather handbags and all sorts of suitcases from small to huge. The LV travel collection has been already highly used from the beginning of the twentieth century and it is still highly valued to own such collection today. After getting famous with its signature handbags and leather goods, Luis Vuitton decided to step into the world of fashion and released its first designs of clothes a couple of years ago. This year the clothes have been designed tempted by the Far Eastern cultures and outlook.

Every LV store of Dubai is a must-visit place. Each store has different size and some difference in their offer. Clothes are not that famous in Dubai, concerning the fact that, they are mostly too sexy for the richer women to wear them in public.

Stepping into a it’s lbel store is like stepping into a world of the highest luxury. The shops customer service is the finest. The orders in Dubai come from all female members of the Royal family of both Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates.

In addition, there is a rumor going around in Dubai, that the Louis Vuitton shopping centers of Dubai are selling their goods cheaper than they are in France. Look for clothes and handbags of Louis Vuitton in the Dubai Outlet Centre, as sometimes it sells of some great designer label for half the price! Therefore, the shopping mall is definitely a must-see for all those who would like to have some of the best brands for the best prices at the same time.

When you are in Dubai, it will be a great experience for you to visit a Louis Vuitton shop. Not only clothes or handbags, but also you may see the richest women of the Middle East in these stores, with all the glitz and glamour of the Middle East. So, do not miss the chance. You do not have to get your clothes at Louis Vuitton, but you can still go inside to look around in any of the Dubai shops.

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