McDonald’s Dubai

There is no fast food brand, which is as famous all over the world as McDonald’s is. They are on the top in marketing, in financial background and in producing exactly the same quality with the help of their business model, which enables them to be present all over the world. In Dubai, you will find many McDonalds, in every shopping mall in the city. The reason is simple. The tourists, and most importantly the high number of Western expats especially the Americans prefer their own food and they love to eat at McDonalds.

With the arrival of the first concept of huge shopping malls in Dubai, so did arrive McDonalds the main fast food chain in most shopping centres in the world. McDonald’s concept was great man years ago and today there are thousands of Mc Donald’s everywhere in the world. McDonalds works with franchise type of business, which of course doesn’t entirely means the same in the Middle East where companies can’t do as they want, only if they are appointed or have those who they know working at important places. Knowing that the Arabic women have no problem with weight gaining and children everywhere fall in love with the fast food restaurant the most easily worldwide, the first franchise stores of McDonalds opened here from Nineties.

McDonald’s of course is getting also more and more fashionable to eat out at for Dubai families too and McDonalds works with a great advertising plan. Of course McDonald’s still counts as a kind of rarity for all the Muslim families who prefer to eat out at home. The first McDonald’s has opened in the Mall of the Emirates, where today there are even two of its restaurants, because the mall has two fast-food restaurant courts. Then shortly after in the Dubai Mall as well, from the moment it was built. According to researches Mc Donald’s is the world’s fastest growing fast food restaurant chain, which turned global, thanks to the American Hamburger.

Although the fast food restaurant was proved to serve and produce food that is unhealthy and can cause damage to the body if eaten in bigger amounts, that unfortunately doesn’t hold people back from Mc Donald’s that much. This is the power of the brand itself unfortunately. The huge corporation works according to very strict roles, which are always necessary when there are so many people working together.

In the United Arab Emirates, there are currently 64 Mc Donald’s restaurants. The Dubai and UAE Company that deals with the opening of Mc Donald’s fast food restaurants is called Emirates Fast Food Company LCC and is carrying agreement from the court and government.

As smart as Dubai know, that if they want to take American professionals to work in Dubai, without much homesickness, they must bring along McDonalds and the Tex-Mex restaurants. In Dubai, today we can find everything which you cannot find only at a very few places in the world. There is no worldwide known fast food chain, which is not present in Dubai. Visit a McDonald’s, to see the differences if there any.

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