Burger King Dubai

Burger King is currently the second largest fast food restaurant chains in the world in terms of profit and third largest in term of the number of locations. Burger King currently operates 17 fast food restaurants in Dubai, mostly in either shopping malls or business centres. The Burger King brand has become famous in Dubai through the many expats who have been moving there since the Eighties.

Burger King is normally referred to as the “second best” fast food restaurant chain all over the world. It has around 17.000 fast food restaurants with different sorts of franchising systems and differences in the menus served. Burger King has encountered many controversies in its history and also has faced several cases of having a lack in cultural or religious consciousness but could battle all these problems with general success. Burger King is currently plans to conquer the Asian markets, specifically India, China and Japan. It has faced difficulties in India with its many beef products, as Hindu people do not eat beef as well as facing problems first with the Muslim nations for selling pork products. Today Burger King is making hard efforts in order for its products to be all-acceptable in the countries where they are selling them. They are also making specialised menus from country to country and come up with different dishes from time to time. Burger King is offering solely beef, fish and chicken products. Burger King is not that highly popular among the locals, but out of the expats, usually the Americans who love fast food and the same sorts of tourists it is doing very well on the fast food restaurant market of Dubai. The Dubai retailer or franchiser of the Burger King fast food restaurant chain is called First Food Services. The company is the main franchiser being alone authorised to open and operate Burger King in Dubai and in the area of the United Arab Emirates.

First Food Services in order to increase the attention toward the products of its Burger King fast food restaurants has been working hard on the local campaigns and marketing. It has made local Burger Kings to serve only Halal meat of beef and chicken. Halal is referring to the methods as the standard Islamic requirements of preparing the meat itself that are all written down and included in the Holy Book of Koran. In addition, the Dubai Burger King products are all certified GMO free, which means that no genetic alteration has been made to none of its ingredients.

In Dubai, you can find Burger King in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Deira City Center, in the BurJuman Shopping Mall, in the Dubai Festival City, and in almost all the local malls. Apart from these of course there are a lot more of these fast food restaurants in the city.

Burger King fast food restaurants represent a fine quality, although of course there has been several questions rose these times on the health issues, which can be caused by the consumption of bigger quantities of fast food. Everyone quite frequently visits Burger Kind. With the Dubai-call centre of Burger King, the fast food restaurant chain deals also with food delivery.

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