Wendy’s Dubai

Wendy’s although it does not entirely represent the usual type of fast food restaurants is the third biggest fast food restaurant chain in the world, with 6.500 restaurants all over the world. Wendy’s strength is in its unique approach toward food and its unique style, which also represents a healthier choice when compared with other fast food chains. In Dubai though Wendy’s has its success, there is only one Wendy’s shop with more openings to be expected in the future.

Wendy’s was found in around 1960 with the basic idea of bringing back some more personality and style to fast food. The original idea was by Dave Thomas who wanted to continue the traditions of his state’s local hamburger. The actual centre of Wendy’s is in Ohio today. The hamburger of Wendy’s is currently the only well known sandwich coming with square hamburgers and they are made of fresh beef instead of the averagely used frozen patties. Wendy’s has several types of interesting foods on offer. Getting back to Wendy’s hamburgers for a moment it is interesting to note that Wendy’s sells two hamburger sizes according to the actual size of the patties not the sandwich itself. They are called “junior” and “Single” size hamburgers. Interestingly, unlike its rivals McDonald’s and Burger King, Wendy’s does not have its signature hamburger. Its signature offer is an ice–cream shake called Frosty.

Wendy’s interesting foods and offers include the Salad Bar with which Wendy’s became the first fast food restaurant, which served salad. Other great dishes of Wendy’s are its hot chilli, which is served diversely, its oven baked potatoes and its great filled potatoes baked without peeling in order to bring the best tastes out. Wendy’s has officially declared in 2010 that it will merge with the other huge American fast food chain Arby’s. From then on they are called Wendy’s/Arby’s Group.

The story of Wendy’s in Dubai is interesting, as Wendy’s closed down several of its restaurants in 2000 due to a crisis. In Dubai, Wendy’s operated from 1997 till 2000 with sound success but then it has to close down. The new Wendy’s opened in 2010 in the then brand new Festival City of Dubai under the name Wendy’s/ Arby’s selling jointly the goods of both companies. As every company from abroad needs a Dubai company in order to set up any sort of business, also fast food restaurant business in Dubai, they have to have a Dubai company as a business partner. The current business partner of Wendy’s/Arby’s is Al Jammal Group who plans to open the next Wendy’s fast food restaurant in Ajman, UAE.

Wendy’s serves a great and unique group of food, which are not ordinary and much healthier than the usual fast food restaurants’ offers. Hopefully, it will open at more places soon in Dubai as its quality is a lot more competent than of its bigger rivals. Dubai has already a fantastic and never-seen-before international offer of all sorts of restaurants, and as most expats are American, they love to eat out at fast food restaurants.

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