KFC Dubai

KFC or more specifically Kentucky Fried Chicken is among the biggest international fast food restaurant chains working in franchise system all around the world. KFT has currently 5200 fast food restaurants in the United States, from where it has originated and based and more than 15.000 in every parts of the world. Out of this, fifteen thousand twelve fast food restaurants can be found in Dubai. The Emirates likes KFC because it is concentrating on serving poultry, which is among the most frequently a consumed meat in the Arabic states.

A man called Sanders who is often referred to as Colonel Sanders founded KFC in the state of Kentucky, but in real, he had nothing to do with the army. He has opened his first restaurant in the Thirties and by the Forties; he owned a large restaurant and a motel. He has received an Honorary Colonel title from the State of Kentucky for all his culinary achievement and activities. In the end of the Forties Sander has prepared the main recipe containing all the ingredients and list of spices, which are used in order to prepare the Fried Chicken. This recipe is referred to as Original Recipe and it is stored under a heavy security. In 1964, Sanders sold the entire company that was already large at that time. Among the buyers, the most well known and most recent was Pepsi Co. who has acquired the whole KFC fast food restaurant chain in 1986. The growing KFC was under the ownership of Pepsi to 1997 when Pepsis subsidiary Tricom has been divided from Pepsi, creating its own brand under the name Yum! Brands, which also own Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, are very famous all around the world.

KFC fast food restaurants have been operating in Dubai since the opening of the first large shopping centres like the Al Ghurair Shopping Mall, followed by another big shopping mall of Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates, which is still Nr. 1 in all given services and has a great variety of stores and restaurants inside with 2 fast-food areas inside. KFC fast food restaurants have quickly gained fame in Dubai, because of their tasty goods, which were without any trace to be touched by any sort of pork meat. KFC has always concentrated on the selling of poultry; however, there are countries where it is also selling Kebab or even pork meat. In Dubai, the most popular menus contain poultry, but they also offer special Arabic sauce called Arabiatta and they offer a fish fillet sandwich too. Most popular choices include the Hot Rods, which are in real some sorts of Kebabs but with the trademark KFC cover all over them. Also other favourites contain Xtreme Menu, Riso ( which is made to the taste of Arabic serving chicken with curry-rice, there are several popular family meals the Wrapstar Combo represents a great wrapped sandwich which is also to the Arabic taste. Besides that, there are the American types of sweets, which are also offered by KFC fast food restaurants in Dubai.

The specialty of KFC fast food restaurants in Dubai is, that they also offer home delivery services over here. The Dubai KFC has consolidated prices, which both locals and expats like to have from time to time and so it is among the most popular fast food restaurant chains that are operating in the Middle East.

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