Taco Bell Dubai

Taco Bell is without question one of the most popular choice of Americans especially in the West Coast. We could expect to find Taco Bell in Dubai as Dubai puts an extreme emphasis on making all the American expats, who also represent the highest number of Intercontinental expats, as happy as they can get with the fast food restaurant choices in the city.

Taco Bell is a brand that as we can see on its name. It was founded in order to bring the great tastes of the famous Mexican kitchen to the United States. Although some or more of the menus are more or less Americanised in order to suit the American taste better the foods are clearly representing the Mexican cuisine. Taco Bell has opened in the Sixties in California where its centre is still located. The Taco Bell had more than 300 fast food restaurants by the seventies. In the beginning of the Nineties, Taco Bell thought to bring their new concept in sue, which was the Taco Bell Express, out of which you can find the most, all around the world. The Taco Bell Express is building on the concept of serving more people all the faster with a basic variety of foods which are not too complicated to be done.

Today, Taco Bell works with franchise system. There are more than eight thousand Taco Bell fast food restaurants in the area of the United States and the brand is the main signature fast food brand of California. Taco Bell is also famous for being present at several sports events as one sponsoring brand. Despite its efforts, with the sole exception of Spain, which has very similar cuisine to that of Taco Bell, all the rest of the efforts on the opening of Taco Bells in Europe have failed. The brand is currently the most present in Asia and Australia with big plans on going to be big in China and India, the biggest potential markets actually.

Talking about the exact offer of Taco Bell, we can enlist the typically Mexican Burritos, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Tortillas most of which are dry and thinner sort of pastries that are used to hold several types of vegetables, meat and some sauce as well if wished. They serve chips and nachos with Mexican and universal dips many of which are hot. Taco Bell has opened its very first Middle Eastern fast food restaurant in Dubai in 2008 in the Dubai Mall by the time when the mall itself was not even totally ready. The fast food restaurant caused a sound success in Dubai and thanks to this, soon two other fast food restaurant of Taco Bells opened in the city, one being in the Mirdiff City Centre and the other being in the Deira City Centre in 2010.

When you are in Dubai, you have to visit one Taco Bell fast food restaurant! Try some of its signature meals, such as the Volcano Taco or the Volcano Beef Burrito, the sweet corn tamalito pudding. Each Taco bell serves some great salsa as well and in Dubai, you can have them all, so do not lose this chance.

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