Meydan Hotel Dubai

Meydan Hotel in Dubai is part of the brand new wonder, the Meydan Racecourse, where the most prominent championships are held regularly. Being part of such a huge and luxurious complex makes the Meydan Hotel too a great luxury hotel in the heart of Dubai.

We would say that Meydan Hotel is in the primary place for horse lovers but that would not cover the truth. Although it can be found in the area of the huge racecourse complex, yet anyone can book a room over there, not only horse riding fans. The Meydan Hotel is a great five star hotel, with all the amenities and facilities that you would wish to have in such a hotel.

The Meydan Racecourse is simply huge. Unlike you would imagine, it is not only a championship racecourse with one huge racetrack and several smaller for exercise, but the whole Meydan has been build to be the empire dedicated to horses. The Sheikh’s own stable, which is probably the best in the world as it was made so with huge efforts and equally huge amount of money, called the Godolphin Stables also occupies one part of the huge Meydan City complex. When the whole is ready, the Meydan complex will comprise of huge residential and corporate quarters, of course not forgetting about the entertainment part either. The direct accommodation possibilities though are in the Meydan Hotel right by the racecourse.

The horseracing today is one of the most popular sports in Dubai, being favoured by the royal family of Dubai, the Al Maktoum family, has invested huge amounts in making Dubai the Middle Eastern centre of horseracing. Dubai holds or takes part in several international cups every year. The Dubai World Cup is today one of the most prominent and definitely the richest horserace of all. Mostly the winter or early spring is the highest season of all sports races in Dubai. Therefore, the huge stadium of Dubai can hold 60,000 people as audience at the same time. The huge complex is rich in attractions, such as the Meydan Museum and Gallery, telling the tale of horse riding and Dubai rising to be one leading forces in today’s life of horseracing. In the complex, you can also find a huge IMAX movie theatre as well.

Getting back to the Meydan Hotel, the building of the hotel has smart positions to give views to the racecourse from the balconies of most of its rooms. The Meydan Hotel though is mainly a business hotel with lots of business facilities, business centre and several meeting rooms together with a ballroom that can also be used for conferences. The hotel is very exclusive which of course is no wonder, as it has to accommodate several stars of horseracing from time to time, who indeed have high standards.

The Meydan Hotel has 285 rooms and suites all furnished with great care and supplied with all the basic sort of things that guests need the most. There several types of rooms here ranging from the huge presidential apartments to the deluxe, the grand deluxe type of rooms. Each room has balcony, the smaller rooms size around 60 square metres, equalling the size of a normal flat. As an interesting yet very Arabic thing, the Meydan Hotel has the Ladies’ Floor, a whole floor dedicated to receiving only female guests, this comes out of Islamic reasons.

The Meydan Hotel has a beautiful spa and health club for spending the perfect leisure time in the hotel, with a great swimming pool area. Within the hotel, there are six restaurants and bars suiting everyone’s needs. The Meydan Hotel also organizes tours of its own around the stables. These are called Stable and Race Course Tours, comprising a Stable Tour, and Afternoon Tea Tour and a very special Target and Shoot Simulator activity. Overall, staying in the Meydan Hotel is a great experience. In addition, the hotel has discounts, and it is located near to many of the greatest Dubai attractions.

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