Millennium Airport Hotel

Millennium Airport Hotel is a four star hotel located only some minutes away from the airport. The Millennium is not a top hotel but it is perfect for passengers to spend a few hours there while waiting for their flights to start. The hotel is currently under reconstruction, which might disturb some guests.

The Millennium Airport Hotel is a lucky hotel. First, because it is perfect for being an airport hotel, about 2 minutes from the Dubai International Airport, then it is very lucky because it has made an arrangement with the Emirates Airlines in order to host their passengers while they are waiting for their flights that is more than a great business for everyone. The guests are happy because they do not have to pay an extra for a hotel to spend a couple of hours at and it is a great for the hotel, because it can welcome many guests daily. The good thing is that in the airplane ticket price and everything is included from free shuttle to the hotel to three meals. The hotel has four catering facilities, an Italian, a Mediterranean and a Tex-Mex restaurant. Its English pub called Biggles English pub is much visited by the guests of the hotel and other travellers.

The drawback of the hotel is that it is under its category in quality and services leaving some guests dissatisfied. Thanks to its location, mainly the presence of a very noisy nightclub does not let guests sleep if they are on the street front of the hotel. Due to these unfortunate factors, the Millennium Airport Hotel needs some refresh in its quality and change its glasses on the street front to soundproof. The staffs of the hotel is not allowed to give not the slightest advice for the guests in connection with Dubai, in order not to take away money from the travel agency located inside the hotel which is quite sad by means of customer service.

So, the Millennium Airport Hotel is good for a couple of hours sleep and for a shower but it’s not an outstanding hotel by no means for anyone wanting to spend longer time there, meaning that its the most ideal for short stays. The hotel has two restaurants but guests are not satisfied with the quality of the meals served there. The hotel is currently building its swimming pool area and means change in its services for the better. In addition, the rates of the hotel are quite high normally, starting from AED 427. The hotel has three sorts of rooms, the Standard, the Family room and the Superior room. Until they do not solve the nightclub problem, they might lose lots of profit because of the sleeping problem of several guests. Other problem in the rooms, which many guests keep missing, is the tea and coffee making facilities. Lack of a hairdryer is also a big problem as all guests coming from the airport, and especially through the Emirates has their baggage already checked in.

Overall, if you have Emirates tickets with the Millennium Airport Hotel included, do not miss the chance for a little bit of sleep and rest, but ask rooms far from the street front.

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