Mirdif or Mirdiff is one of the recent new living-districts, added to the community of Dubai. Mirdif, as is usual with every new investment regarding residence areas, is targeting the international demand of real estates in the area of Dubai. It is really a nice sight, worth visiting.

Mirdif is situated relatively far from the very centre of Dubai, but has been specifically placed to a once empty outskirt of the metropolis. Until now, this is a more silent, more relaxed place with further developments recently under construction. As a living area or so-called suburb, Mirdif follows the American example, targeting mainly the families to buy their future home there. This seems also on its nearby facilities as they mainly consist of supermarket zones such as LIFCO, shopping areas, as the Mirdif Shopping Centre area, which is surprisingly an uncovered shopping centre or shopping village this way. Several, mainly international nurseries and elementary schools are found in Mirdif. Not to mention about the huge Mushrif Park, with its many sports facilities being an ideal place for all the family walks, excursions and enjoying the playgrounds over there. Next to the international facilities and educational buildings, you can see the many private Arabic schools of those wealthy Dubai or Arabic citizens, who also wish to live in Mirdif.

Its transportation system also targets the ones who arrive from far-away lands, as it is situated quite near to the Dubai International Airport, also including a railway station leading to Mirdif as well, among its other directions.

The most recent development, located right next to Murshif Park is called the Shorooq Community. Most of its area being already in use, this huge living-park will consist of more than two thousand homes, houses and suites as well. Another site being constructed is called the Uptown Mirdif area, an exclusive site to live.

Shorooq Community is a huge living-complex in itself, having its own facilities and attractions for those who live there. Unfortunately, as many constructions are done in a great hurry, the local international community has several concerns, regarding the damping of the ground floor flats or houses. The most nearby attractions worth visiting from Mirdif are the Dubai Wonderland, which is a huge fun complex for children of every age, being one of the very first theme parks of Dubai. The other district worth visiting is the nearby Deira, situated just a few kilometres far from the Mirdif. Packed with souks and various historical monuments and buildings, it gives a great chance for any- and everyone to visit. It is an absolute perfect nearby site for those, who would like to spend longer time in Dubai. Deira also includes the seashore and from there, it just take a few minutes to get to the nearby Jumeirah Beach too, where one can sunbathe or have a great swim.

To top it all, Mirdif is a very nice and new area of Dubai, for the happiness of locals, creating a large income for them as well, and for the happiness for those who manage to buy their future home and settle in Dubai, as it is one of the most complex cities in the world. So do not forget to drop to Mirdif, when in Dubai. Might be, that you too, will find your future home there!

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