Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park is currently the biggest green area of Dubai, situated just next to Mirdif districts, and is one of the most complex residence zones within the city. With its almost six square kilometre territories, it gives way to do many programs there, from relaxations to excursions. So let us see which other attractions Mushrif Park has to offer.

In the beginning of nineties was when the Dubai authorities (meaning for the order of the Sheikh being the one and only who can give orders) had decided to take steps to make Mushrif Park a beautiful green area. When talking about all the work, we mean the ones that lies behind the creating of all areas of Dubai that we see had been totally desert areas with desert soil where only a very few types of plants could get enough nutrients to stay alive. So, the effort in this case means the huge transportation of special soil where grass, trees and plants could stay together with the transportation of thousands of trees, plants and flowers, which being watered every early morning and in the evening hours. All green areas you see in Dubai are the result of enormous efforts of the Dubai people.

Today, Mushrif Park has several beautiful areas, where one can spend a considerable time. It contains swimming pools, playgrounds, gardens where one can freely relax. Arabic people do love picnic, and to eat in the nature. Therefore, Mushrif Park hosts thousands of people every day, who go there for a bit of relaxation. The gardens here are full of beautiful flowers and fountains, each one in Arabic style.

One of the most popular sites to visit inside Mushrif Park is the International Village. Here the designers of the garden represent flora of some countries together with a building featuring one of the cultures of the country in its best form. For example, in the representation of Japan, there is a nice miniature Japanese style pavilion together with its world famous Japanese Gardens. You can also see the windmill of Holland, the world famous Nubian, Thai and Arabic mini-houses, just to mention a few examples. The park also has a large spa-centre with many relaxing facilities and treatments for all those who are longing for a bit of a pampering.

There is also a chance for one to try camel riding, or to have a great mint-tea or a proper meal in one of the bars of the Mushrif Park. It is interesting to note that the original size of the park was much smaller. However, according to the decision of the Sheikh, now it is about 400 hectare bigger, forming a huge, almost six hundred hectare territory. Now, there is also a forest in the park, which the visitors can explore. This also gives home to some of the rare species of Emirates, for example the Hoopoe or the yellow throated Sparrow.

Mushrif Park is a great spot for all those, who are willing to spend a longer time in Dubai. Here you can see local families relaxing and enjoying all the beauties of the nature. There is entrance fee to the Mushrif Park as it is a special natural zone, but it is only 10 DHs. The park is open all day long, every day.

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