Shopping For Mulberry Handbags in Dubai

Mulberry, Great Britain’s second most popular brand after the similarly sounding Burberry is famous also in Dubai. The brand has its unique tartan trademark line but besides their colourful Mulberry handbags, they also deal with all sorts of fashion items. The Somerset based company puts high importance on being environmentally conscious and green as much as it can; its efforts include a great charity activity as well. Let us see where we can find Mulberry handbags in Dubai.

First, Mulberry is among the few that do not use snakeskin anymore, in protection of snakes. Their leather ware comes only from the best-controlled locations where the method of getting and preparing it all counts for Mulberry. The company was founded in 1971 as a family business of the Saul family. Their factory they have opened in Chilcompton is still their main factories, which they call Rookery. Mulberry is one of the very few popular brands that offer youth programs for local students who are interested in dealing with leather and textile and they offer a steady workplace for almost all of those who spend their training period at them. The brand has grown out to become Britain’s top brand and today they have stores all over the world, with a primary interest in Japan, whose ladies are famously fond of the Western style branded handbags. The number of items such as Mulberry handbags is increased by Mulberry and they plan to enlarge their factory too.

Mulberry in Great Britain is also known as a lifestyle brand as it deals with such a wide range of products. We can categorise Mulberry bags into the following lines: Alexa, Bayswater, Briefcases, Clutch Bags, Holdalls, Messenger Bags, Satchel Bags, Shoulder Bags, and Tote Bags.

Mulberry as initially a country brand has first started to produce useful wear for the countryside activities which include fishing, hiking, gardening or hunting. Their first collections represented quilted fishermen’s bags, poacher bags and special warm jackets the most suitable for outside activities even on the long haul. Therefore, the brand has always come through as a very British brand that made it highly popular outside of England, all over Europe and in the United States and Australia as well. Bayswater collection is among the most iconic collections of Mulberry, also for its Mulberry handbags. Each Mulberry handbag collections feature different forms and styles of handbags. The price range of Mulberry is normally lower than of other primary fashion brands therefore they are very popular for being classy and not sold for sky-high prices. In Dubai, you can find Mulberry handbags at one store that is their label store located in the Dubai Mall.

According to British expats living in Dubai, the prices of Mulberry handbags in Dubai and in England are quite similar, yet they are more expensive in Dubai. Find the newest line of Mulberry handbags in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue.

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