Navrang Diamond Necklaces

Navrang Jewellery is one of India’s elite diamond jewellery makers that have decided to set tent in Dubai, due to the extreme success of jewellery trading and industry in the emirate. Navrang Jewellery deals with a diverse range of diamond jewellery, that includes superb diamond necklace, ring, pendant and bracelet sets. In our article, we will examine the great collection of Navrang jewellery and see where we can find the brand in Dubai.

Navrang Jewellery follows the footsteps of traditional Indian jewellery making which is in fact the oldest in the world. India started to make the first gold jewellery and it is still this huge country where the huge tradition of jewellery making is still as famous as it used to be. There is no jewellery, which is livelier, bigger, or more decorated than Indian Jewellery, which in certain regions has also took different elements of Moorish elements of art and crafting. Therefore, Indian jewellery is much liked and worn in Dubai, and due to the high density of Indian population, even the huge traditional wedding sets are sold in the emirate, which means that in Dubai, you can get to see Indian traditional jewellery, you cannot see elsewhere, with the sole exception of India.

Navrang Jewellery although it deals with the production of high profile traditional jewellery, has the characteristics of following the Western trends all the same and it has created its whole collection to be attractive and inviting for everyone. Navrang is also specialised in dealing with Birthstones and Lucky Stones in jewellery. On its website and in its Dubai showroom, you can get great detailed information about all the birthstones and lucky stones, per date of birth and month of birth. Therefore, apart from diamonds, Navrang deals with all sorts of precious and semi precious gemstones.

As for its diamond necklace sets Navrang offers a great deal of them, in all forms, colours and for all occasions. You can find here the most artistic style diamond necklace collections at Navrang inspired by nature while others follow the footsteps of the biggest luxury trends. While some sets contain solely white diamonds, other collections were made with the inclusion of rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Due to the great need, Navrang Jewellery also promotes its service of making custom jewellery, according to the needs of its customers. Traditional diamond { necklace} sets are made following the Indian Polki and Kundan traditions.

And in case the featured diamond necklace sets are not suitable your taste, you can also get to see the sophisticated diamond pendant sets of Navrang which feature elegant diamond pendants with a suiting pair of earrings. In Dubai, Navrang is really popular for its Tahmaniya diamond necklace collections which represent the haute couture art of Navrang Jewellery.

Find the Dubai showroom of Navrang Jewellery in the huge Mall of the Emirates. Although the brand only has one strore in Dubai, it plans to open further showrooms in other elegant shopping malls of the emirate, due to its sound success. If you would like to check out on some of the most beautiful diamond necklace collections of Dubai, don’t miss out on the beautiful collections of Navrang Jewellery.

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