Clothing Line of New Yorker in Dubai

New Yorker is currently among the favourite European “young brands” targeting especially the teenagers and those less than thirty years old with its colourful collections. The store chain New Yorkers originated from Germany. In Dubai, you can find two big stores of New Yorker. It is a great store in order to refresh your closet a little bit, it sells everything from shoes to underwear and this is where its biggest strength lies.

New Yorker’s operation is very similar with H&M, targeting the young generation, working with lots of patterns and colours all of which catches attention and making the hippest street wear for their customers. New Yorker is stronger in the shoes part, as the latter company does sell shoes but only in a minimal quantity. New Yorker also targets those who have limited budget to buy hip clothes and they often offer discounts on their goods. New Yorker’s collections primarily aim women and girls. Unlike H&M, they do not sport elegant clothes, but rather stick to the jeans, T-Shirt combinations. New Yorker’s business had been founded based on jeans manufacturing in 1971 being the very first jeans store in its area in Flensburg at that time.

New Yorker today is working franchise stores and now, no European towns exists that would not have at least four New Yorkers stores in them. As Dubai like to have of everything that has already proven to be a strong seller, the first New Yorker opened within the Dubai Mall. It had a nice success and due to this reason, soon another followed this one store too, in the huge and new Dubai Festival City. Both stores operate with success; they give a great chance for all the non-Muslim girls and all the boys to make their closet much more colourful and individual with the help of New Yorker’s collections.

In the summer, it is always worth visiting New Yorker in Dubai because for a month there are non-stop discounts on almost every pre-season stuff. Therefore, if you have the will, you can buy some great items for less than half the price even. Dubai has practically no winter though, so do not count on seeing many winter clothes. However, if you want to make the best bargain, then visit the huge Dubai Outlet Mall where you will also get to find many items from New Yorker. These young styles are gaining more and more place in the fashion industry of Dubai. It is because of the ever-growing population of mostly non-Muslim expats. Moreover, indeed they are those who are mostly the targets of these chains together with guys and men who are allowed to wear jeans and T-shirt when they are outside. However, there are some great items useful for Muslim women and girls too, like the long dresses, scarves, shoes and the underwear collection not to mention each autumn’s favourite: the trench coat, worn with much pleasure by Muslim women.

So, if you are fashion conscious and like to look great on your beach holiday, do not hesitate to drop to a New Yorker while in Dubai. New Yorker’s fresh style captures everyone and it is great to get a good pair of jeans for a nice price as well. New Yorker for these reasons is definitely getting hipper and hipper in Dubai.

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