Nightlife of Downton Dubai

The downtown of Dubai usually means the New Dubai part of the city, which includes the zone that starts from the World Trade Centre and goes along the Emirates Towers, the Burj Dubai area with the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa in the centre. Dubai nightlife here is quite rich and with the metro, you can travel back and forth within the central New Dubai area. Here there are many chances to enjoy the amazing Dubai nightlife.

The thing is that most places of nightlife are located in hotels or business centres. This is because of the normal prohibition of alcoholic drinks to be served, which is not applicable on hotels or international places or establishments. That is why most nightclubs and discos or bars you will find in { Dubai} within hotels. It is no problem for an outsider to visit another hotels bar or club, usually there are different values of entrance fees but not in every case. Dubai nightlife starts from approximately 22.00H and lasts until 4.00H in the morning, when everything closes down because of law regulations. There is no exception from this rule, not even in the hotels.

Let us see what are the most outstanding nightclubs and bars or pubs we can get to find in the downtown Dubai in order to taste Dubai nightlife here:

The downtown Dubai hub of Dubai nightlife is the Burj Dubai district, which includes the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and several luxury hotels located nearby the Burj Khalifa Metro station: Here there are several clubs thanks to the higher number of hotels in the area. Only the Armani hotel has altogether nine places, bars, restaurants and the Priv Club for a perfect night out. Try the Armani Bar, it is a great experience. In the Dubai Mall, there are lots of bars and even more restaurants. Of course, the nightlife within the Dubai Mall is very rich. One remarkable place of Dubai nightlife in downtown Dubai includes an amazing luxury hotel complex called The Palace-The Old Town where there are beautiful examples of great bars with the Ewaan Lounge and the Fai Club. the Palace the Old Town features amazingly beautiful canals with old style wind-tower buildings which immediately catch your attention coming out of the Dubai Mall in that direction. The view to the Burj Khalifa is the most beautiful over here. Nearby this wonderful complex there is the Souk Al Bahar, which is rather a luxury shopping mall decorated with Oriental elements. Souk Al Bahar although small has a great potential of bars and restaurants such as the Karma Café, the Left Bank or the Margaux Restaurant and Lounge. The other hotel nearby the Dubai Mall includes the high-tower hotel The Address that is full of restaurants, bars out of which we mention the Republique a rather new disco that is one of the hottest places in the downtown. Crowd is mainly Lebanese.

An important element of the Dubai nightlife is on the dress code. Here, you will be ashamed if you went to a club in holiday shorts and slippers.

Dubai nightlife is a serious business and the crowd here loved to dress up elegantly and trendy. So, if you did not bring anything classy with you, go for a shopping tour before exploring the Dubai nightlife. Some clubs does not even let “tourist” like tourists to get in.

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