Ocean Heights

If one is strolling down the Jumeirah Beach, arriving into what is today called “New Dubai” area and by any chance will see a skyscraper-jungle appearing, then they might know, that it is with the Dubai Marina, currently still uncompleted, but already having several operating buildings. One of the highest planned buildings of the Dubai Marina will be the Ocean Heights skyscraper. This great building, Ocean Heights from 2009 has new bright hopes to be ready within a short time.

Dubai Marina complex, housing the tower Ocean Heights among many, is unique in many ways. The designers, who took the large block of skyscrapers situated in Vancouver, Canada as an inspiration, wanted to create something that the world has never seen before, the biggest and the most attractive, all understandable efforts when we see the larger than large competition in the selling of real estates in Dubai. Dubai Marina is planned to house the tallest block of buildings, reaching 300 to 400 meters in size. Also according to the designs, there has been a gulf carved out of the beach, for giving a large lake –like pool for the residents, with several canals running between the blocks. This sounds unbelievable! However, Dubai has seen and made such imaginations come true before too, in its huge efforts to become the best touristic attraction in itself in the whole world.

Ocean Heights was originally planned bigger as its current 310 meters height, but due to many reasons, the builders have decided to make it larger, twice. Now Ocean Heights has altogether eighty-four floors. Just like the other skyscraper, wonder of the Dubai Marina, the Pentominium, and its outlook is slightly futuristic and the whole building was exclusively planned for solely residential reasons. Its flats, apartments, suits and penthouses are already on the real-estate market ever since its constructions started back in 2007. The main investor and developer of Ocean Heights is the Damac Company, having diverse projects all around Dubai.

Dubai Marina has most of the required facilities and other attractions in-house, the beautiful port and beach is also very close, and till reaching them one can gaze at the canals of the marina. Ocean Heights is directly by the sea giving its residents a great view and great chance for a daily swim and sunbathing on the beach!

Just outside of the Dubai Marina, one can find many golf courses. They can take the subway with which it takes only a short time to reach the centre of Dubai. The worldwide unique, beautiful artificial island complex called The Palms complex is also near the Dubai Marina. From the windows of Ocean Heights, one can even catch one of these islands and see the huge Atlantis Hotel where there is one of the best theme parks of Dubai, called Aquaventure.

Ocean Heights is a great building for living or staying. Just next to it, one can also stay a couple of days in one of the hotels of the Dubai Marina, and it is a great way of fun to look what to see in Ocean Heights or the other huge buildings of the Dubai Marina.

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