Paris Hilton Handbags in Dubai

Paris Hilton has been long known all over the world, as one of the richest heirs of the Hilton Hotel Group and of her stormy party life. Now the rich heir has decided to get involved in something more serious and start working in fashion design. Her most popular accessories being jewellery and handbags, she decided to start up with her line of Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories. Being in the very lucky situation to have money, to sponsor her first shop and the total production of her handbag and accessory lines Paris Hilton handbags have indeed become popular and therefore she started to open her first stores in 2010 in the Middle East and in Asia, where the demand for star labels is the strongest. Let us check out what to know about Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories and where to find Paris Hilton store in Dubai.

Paris Hilton handbags are such handbags that many teenagers and women would like to get hold of. They look good, they are made of quality leather or textile and they are not too expensive. Paris Hilton has currently two main lines, the Paris Hilton handbags and the Paris Hilton sunglasses. As far as it seems, her label brands are the most popular in Asia, namely China and in the Middle East, mainly in Dubai. The recent opening of her Shanghai label store, the first Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories in Dubai in the Ibn Battuta Mall, then due to its success the opening of her second label store in the Arabian Shopping Centre in Mirdif both bring quite a large income for the heiress. The Paris Hilton handbags come out in every type of shape, colour and style some handbags of the collection are quite similar to items of the largest brands, namely Louis Vuitton. Many Paris Hilton bags are made of black leather and represent an eccentric or rock style; some others come out in rainbow colour, such as one of the latest party bag designs of Hilton.

As we can get to see in the label stores the Paris Hilton handbags are sold with sound success, yet they are not available through big retailers nowhere in the world yet. The handbags are mainly made out of leather fully or partly and they absolutely keep up with the latest trends. According to many, the Paris Hilton handbags represent the Parisian taste of classy yet eccentric fashion ideas. Interestingly Paris Hilton handbags are not available for the US public. The closest you can get to Paris Hilton handbags for the US public is if they visit any big cities of Mexico. The distributor and partner of Paris Hilton for the total Asian and Middle Eastern market is an Indian company called Retouch Brands. You can get to see and buy Paris Hilton handbags currently only through their website.

According to our latest information, Paris Hilton handbags are made in Indonesia, which is one of the most popular countries for producing high quality goods for elite brands. The next in line for Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories is said to be India, the next Paris Hilton shop opens in Mumbai very soon. By then, for everyone living in Dubai, will surely have no problem with getting the latest trends of Paris Hilton handbags.

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