Qamardeen Hotel Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city and it is famous worldwide for its shopping malls, markets, beaches, hotels and cinemas. It is a tourist resort and it was declared as a tourist resort in 2005. After this declaration, world’s top businessperson in hotel sector and market made heavy investment. Dubai is renowned as a city of hotel. More than seven hundred renowned international hotels are operating under a license agreement. Still round about two hundred hotels are under construction. Government of Dubai is also showing very keen interest in the development of hoteling. Dubai travel industry has become a necessary part of the government. This has made a new trend and tourism industry is flourishing rapidly in Dubai.

Dubai is also known as the largest and a keen host of tourists. Tourists all over from the world love to spend time here. Dubai is an ideal venue for spending vacations and honeymoon. People all over from the world visit Dubai with their friends and families. Traveling in Dubai is a wonderful experience and it may become your memorable moments if you stay in these wonderful hotels with your loved ones.

A chain of hotels are working in Dubai. Qamardeen Hotel is one of them. It is ranked among top ten hotels of Dubai and also one of the biggest in the world. It is a private entity and owned solely by a resident of Dubai. Qamardeen Hotel is recently introduced and it has gained a very good reputation in short period of time. Actual location of Qamardeen Hotel is Emaar Boulevard, The Old Town, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is just ten minutes walk away from world biggest tower Burj Khalifa. You can also reach this hotel on telephone. Their contact number is +971 4 428 6888 and you can also fax them on +971 4 428 6999 if you have any query.

Qamardeen Hotel has 186 fully furnished rooms. Room is provided with all sought of facilities. Internet is also available within the premises of Qamardeen Hotel through Wi-Fi. This is a four star hotel and it is equipped with all those facilities that you will found in international hotels. Beautiful swimming pools, restaurants, bars, cafes, meeting rooms, gym, saloons, beauty parlors, etc are the significant feature of Qamardeen Hotel. Cleanliness of the hotel is always the first priority of its staff members. It is fully guarded with a team a professional commandos. Very big parking is available within the premises and around Qamardeen Hotel. It has the capacity of more than ten thousand cars parked at the same time under properly covered shelters.

The management of Qamardeen Hotel is planning to extend the premises and its branches are also operating in America, Great Britain, India, Japan and China. You can book the order of your room online as well. It remains open seven days a week. All the required information about Qamardeen Hotel is also available on internet.

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