Ralph Lauren Handbags in Dubai

Ralph Lauren is a world famous designer from the United States, not primarily famous for its Ralph Lauren handbags but rather for its great, elegant yet in the same time unique style of clothes. Its Polo line is the most famous line of Ralph Lauren. On this, we can see the trademark horse-polo player of Ralph Lauren. Thanks to this trademark, Polo Ralph Lauren handbags, shirts and other accessories are among the most counterfeited goods in the world, especially when it comes to menswear. Let us see where we can get to see Ralph Lauren goods in Dubai, the Middle Eastern land of fashion and luxury lifestyle.

Ralph Lauren is a brand that has become famous in the United States (New York) from the Seventies, but only become a justified brand in the Nineties. The brand’s style is very well known all over the world and it has become equal with eternal yet effortless elegance. Ralph Lauren likes the clean likes yet the Far East also inspires him as you can see it in many of its creations. Ralph Lauren has multiple lines of women’s wear, which include the following:

The Ralph Lauren Collection (Blue and Black): the Ralph Lauren collection, together with the Black and the Blue labels include the most elegant segment of the fashion empire. You can find haute couture and prêt-a-porter in these collections, with slight differences according to collection. The good thing is that Ralph Lauren offers its trendy handbags in multiple colours. If you get in trouble which one to like, just visit the website of Ralph Lauren before going out, and you will see which colour suits you the most.

Golf: the interesting thing in the Polo Golf collection of Ralph Lauren is, that in real its made for golfers, its not just an inspiration. This collection is tested to perfection by multiple star-golfers, all its items look classy yet elegant and this way, Ralph Lauren has entered the US and the international golf world with its great golf clothes. This collection lacks handbags.

The Ricky Bag: it is possibly the most famous handbag of Ralph Lauren this is the haute couture handbag of Ralph Lauren made in Italy out of the best leathers. These are the most expensive handbags of the brand sold for AED 14000 on their normal price.

Yet, the good thing in the brand is, that you can get Ralph Lauren handbags for many type of price. You can get Ralph Lauren handbags for AED 750 but also for AED 7500, which means that, a lot more people get the chance to buy Ralph Lauren handbags, than of any other top brands.

In Dubai, Ralph Lauren handbags and garments are sold at multiple places. First in the label stores of Ralph Lauren which you can find in both the Dubai Mall and in the Mall of the Emirates and also in the Saks Fifth Avenue, which you can find in the BurJuman Shopping Mall in Bur Dubai.

Once you are in Dubai, you should not miss to check out all the main labels over here, including Ralph Lauren handbags and other accessories, because Dubai, being tax-free is a great and cheaper place for shopping, The Ralph Lauren handbags are generally between AED 1100 and AED 14000 giving opportunity for many more women to get them.

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