Roberto Cavalli Handbags in Dubai

Roberto Cavalli is one of the most famous Italian designers whose work can easily be noted by the rich usage of patterns and colours. Roberto Cavalli is therefore world famous, some of its products and haute couture cost a fortune. In this article, we are going to explore the brief history behind Cavalli and also where you can get Cavalli handbags in Dubai.

First of all Cavalli is among the most diverse brands in the world, having released about 8 different lines of clothing all of which offer diverse looking Cavalli handbags which includes the following: Roberto Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli Rome, Roberto Cavalli Angels and Devils, Just Cavalli, Cavalli Jeans, Roberto Cavalli Freedom.

The designer is from Florence Italy where he was born into a family that took part in the art-life of Florence quite a lot. This is called the Macchiaioli Movement nice examples of which can be seen today in the Uffizi Gallery. This is how Roberto Cavalli found himself first in the world of arts and from there; he decided to start the fashion design business. Interestingly his first notable designs were patterns that he printed on scarves. His love for patterns and colours has greatly remained which we can see in his creations. No only he had great love for printing but Cavalli is in fact the inventor of a new patch printing technology which he patented in the Seventies. From Paris, he received a great interest especially from Hermés, another worldwide known brand of its scarves and patterns and Pierre Cardin that has been on the top of Paris fashion design for many years now.

Cavalli came out with his first prêt-a-porter collection of Cavalli creations and Cavalli bags in Paris and achieved a great success and his first boutique opened in Saint Tropez, in 1972. Another important creation in the history of Cavalli is the invention sand-blasted jeans that he brought into the fashion world with his debuting collection in 1994. Since then, sand-blased jeans are still crowning the jeans industry. Today Cavalli’s hand is in every aspect of fashion. He designs for men, women and children also he has a gross collection of accessories, the Cavalli handbags are very popular each one of them reflecting the style of the designer. Cavalli perfumes, eyewear and beachwear is also very fashionable, sold and counterfeited in large numbers.

After his reign in the fashion business, Mr. Cavalli has decided into getting a fragment from the hospitality and entertainment business too. Cavalli Café and Cavalli Club are two of his inventions. The Dubai Cavalli Club opened in 2009 and it has been very trendy ever since. If you take a look at all the diverse collection of Roberto Cavalli handbags, you will see that there are so many styles and types of them. Naturally, many of the Cavalli handbags wear rather wild animal prints, as a signature print of the designer.

In Dubai, the best place to get hold of Cavalli’s collection is the Dubai Mall, where you can find it’s signature store and other than that, their bags are also sold at the Galeries Lafayette located at the Dubai Mall.

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