Shopping Around Downtown Burj Khalifa

Downtown Burj Khalifa, which is also called Downtown Dubai by ones and Burj Dubai by others, is designed to be the new centre of the city of Dubai, the most important city of the United Arab Emirates. Downtown Burj Khalifa is located in the heart of New Dubai, where it has been built thanks to the extreme efforts of the Dubai government and the all the construction workers that took part in one of the largest construction works in the Middle East. If you would like to go shopping, it is Downtown Dubai where you are going to start your shopping trip. Humbling the biggest shopping mall of the world to date, the extra large Dubai Mall, if you would like to buy any thing from gold jewellery to the latest high fashion pieces, you will need to visit the Dubai Mall, to see the extraordinary variety of goods. Also, The Dubai Mall houses the largest covered Gold Souk of Dubai where you can see the art pieces of more than forty jewellery stores.

Downtown Dubai is also called Downtown Burj Khalifa because it houses one of the extreme buildings in the world: the huger than huge Burj Khalifa, formerly called Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is almost a kilometre tall, with its 830 metre height and it houses the trendiest hotels in Dubai on almost 40 of its total number of floors: the Armani Hotel, Suite and Residence complex. It is needless to mention that the hotel rooms and the residences of Armani are the most expensive in the city. The Burj Khalifa signals the middle of the complex and in many ways, also the central point of Dubai. It stands on a peninsula surrounded by a huge artificial lake with another extreme surprise for the visitors: the largest fountain network in the world, the Dubai Fountains that gives wonderful water shows with music every single evening. This duo overlooks to the large Dubai Mall, which has the highest number of stores in the city. The Dubai Mall alone would be enough for serving the needs of any ordinary city, but not for Dubai of course, which has another 20 shopping malls each one of them full of visitors day by day.

The Dubai Mall has also the largest number of jewellery stores. There is no jeweller with a name, which does not have a store or does not have his or her jewellery sold within the Dubai Mall. It is not only the Gold Souk of Dubai Mall that represents the jewellery stores, its only one part of it. One segment of this huge mall is dedicated to another 50 jewellery stores where you can see the most beautiful gold, diamond and silverware in the world. Starting from Damas and ending with the large store of Tiffany and Co., which is also the most famous jewellery brand in the world, there is no jewellery that you would not be able to buy within the Dubai Mall. Downtown Burj Khalifa is therefore visited daily by many of the richest people in Dubai.

Once you are visiting Dubai, no matter you want to buy gold, jewellery or fashion pieces, there is no way that you wouldn’t visit the beautiful and absolutely unique looking triumvirate of world records humbled by Downtown Burj Khalifa. The large shopping mall, the building of Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountains are great attractions even one by one, and if you are a fan of {shopping} or gold jewellery, it’s for sure, that you will spend a lot of time in the huge Dubai Mall.

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