Shopping For Tommy Hilfiger Clothes in Dubai

Tommy Hilfiger has opened recently in Dubai, namely in the Dubai Festival City, one of the still building huge mixed-use complexes in the downtown. The brand Tommy Hilfiger is quite fashionable in the Middle East as mostly men and expats wear them. The brand is great for both sports and causal reasons.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the latest most-popular upcoming brands selling women’s and men’s casual daywear and it started up from the United States. The colours of the US flag red, blue and white has become the trademark colours of Tommy Hilfiger and of course are present in its logo as well. The brand is also well known among all the stars that are advertising it in the Hilfiger campaigns. The Tommy Hilfiger clothes represent a healthy sporty, fresh, all American lifestyle. The brand then decided to expand market to Europe and Asia, mostly Japan. Their clothes are widely bought in the world by all generation.

Tommy Hilfiger is famous for its good quality clothes. The used colours create a stylish causal outlook, which is elegant to wear just any and everywhere. Due to the reducing sales of about 5 years ago, the designer has decided to sell his brand and company which is today owned by Phillips–Van Heusen which owns such huge other brands as the Calvin Klein or Michael Kors. Yet the brand is kept alive very well and with a growing success again. Hilfiger brand has several stores all over the world. In Dubai, the label shop can be found in the Dubai Festival City and they are sold in a mixed-use store in the Dubai Mall as well.

The accessories of Tommy Hilfiger caused great success, especially its great design of women’s watches and its other accessories, such as eyewear, belts and scarves are highly popular too. Hereby, the represent the main collections created by Tommy Hilfiger:

* Tommy Hilfiger, the basic company line of men’s and women’s fashion clothing sold in department stores like Dubai Mall, company stores like Bloomingdale’s, and specialty stores such as accessories and watches stores.

* Tommy Sport, together with Tommy Sailing they make the sportswear collections of the brand.

* Hilfiger Denim, high quality first class denim collection both for men and for women. The denim designs deliver a classic look yet they look modern and up to date. There are all sorts of denim for all body shapes and sizes at Hilfiger.

* Hilfiger Red Label, a classic denim-themed main collection with jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts among others.

* True Star Gold: One of the best-known fragrances of Tommy Hilfiger represented by Beyonce Knowles.

* True Star, the main perfume created by Hilfiger for both men and women, representing such stars as Beyonce Knowles and Enrique Iglesias.

* Tommy Hilfiger for the Home, a line of bedding and bath products

* Tommy, the causal line targeting the youth with modern and stylish urban and daily wear collections.

* Hilfiger Watches: the watches collection of Tommy Hilfiger sold in many jewelleries all around the world.

Although the Tommy Hilfiger brand is not cheap at all, you can get lucky in Dubai a lot more than anywhere else can to get some items for an extra cheap price. This has more ways: first is to try to negotiate a bit which is possible only in Dubai but works well. Or to wait for a great bargain, like the summer discount’s season or you can simply go to the huge Dubai Outlet Mall where you can get all the latest Tommy Hilfiger items for half the price!

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