Subway Dubai

Subway is a US fast food restaurant chain represented by more than two thousand fast food restaurants all over the world. Dubai has a great number of Subway restaurants thanks to their quality products and great attention to cultural differences, not to mention the opportunity of personal choice at Subway, Dubai locals came to like the sandwiches of Subway very easily.

Subway is a so-called single brand fast-food restaurant, offering solely sandwiches in its main offers. The brand is officially the fastest growing fast-food chain in the world. They offer both hot and cold sandwiches. Of course, this does not mean the loss of variations, as nothing that can vary as much as a sandwich. Subway sells the so-called “submarine” sandwiches, which are being called on this name for their form. Subway offers freshly baked sandwiches and among their basic offers there is a chance for you to choose the ingredients yourself which you would like to see in the sandwich. Their signature sandwich is the “BMT” which means “Biggest, Meatiest and Tastiest”. However, in real got the name of Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit. We have no knowledge whether this sandwich is sold in Dubai, as its ingredients are mainly products being made of pork meat regularly as salamis and hams. Subway has long ago opened its first “Kosher” and “Halal” restaurants, both mean the following of religious regulations for Jewish and Muslim, both with the complete closing out of pork meat. Many of these religiously conscious restaurants of Subway are operating in the area of the US and in Canada as well. Subway fast food restaurants are also popular because they represent a much healthier choice for the people with fresh Salad and no preservatives. In addition, Subway is currently the only fast food restaurant brands, which have reduced their salt usage on their foods with an impressing 33% in the UK. Subway has its regional headquarters in Amsterdam for Europe, Brisbane for Australia, Beirut for Middle East, Singapore for Asia and Miami for the whole Latin American regions.

Next to sandwiches, some subway stores also offer great breakfasts and bagels. As for dessert at Subway, you can buy white chocolate chip macadamia nut and double chocolate chip biscuits. The signature length of Subway is the footlong, and its widely promoting its footlong sandwiches, meaning their length is one foot, which as turned out was not actually true as the publicly measured size was about 10 cm less. Apart from this fact, the quality and quantity offered by Subway fast food restaurants is great. In Dubai alone there are 17 stores of Subway most of which have opened recently. When you are in Dubai, you will find the biggest Subway fast food restaurant in the Dubai Mall of course, which is also the biggest shopping mall in the world. Apart from the Dubai Mall, you will find a Subway in all the shopping centres and at other locations too, all over Dubai city.

Try some of the most delicate sandwiches of Subway when you are in Dubai, you will find the best choices in their presented weekly menu. Apart from giving Halal meals for the locals there is no information whether the actual offers would be different. Dubai features the widest choice in the type of restaurants in its area, which is another great reason on why choosing to go there.

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