Swimming in Dubai

Dubai, being a huge sea resort in itself and being full of swimming pools in virtually every park, clubs, sport clubs and hotels, you will have no difficulty at all, to find lots of chances for swimming in Dubai.

Swimming in Dubai is as natural as breathing. As Dubai is a warm country, there are chances for everyone to have a swim, especially in the warmer months. However, it depends on exactly where you would like to go for a swimming in Dubai. Some prefer swimming in the seawater whereas there are others who prefer swimming in the sweetwater.

Let us start with the best beaches for swimming in Dubai. If you would like to spend your day on the best beaches of Dubai and by any chance, you are not staying at any seaside resort, you can still enjoy the beautiful beaches. Jumeirah Beach is the largest seashore and beach of Dubai. The Jumeirah Beach is always full as in Rio de Janeiro. You may only come to this beach if the fizzing and crowded beach is what you prefer. The nicest site of Jumeirah Beach is the Palm Beach, which is close to the Palm Island, the palm-shaped artificial island-complex. Anywhere you look here, you will see beach, sand, sea and hotels. Swimming in Dubai is great on this beach.

If you would like your beach-stay and swimming in Dubai to be more pleasant, then visit one of the beach parks of Dubai that offers many other facilities for one as well. They are like hotel gardens, without an actual hotel. The most famous parks are the Jumeirah Beach Park and the Al Mamzar Beach Park.

Swimming in Dubai is great! However, if you want relaxed yet beautiful beaches and want to see the dolphins in the sea, then it is really worth going out of Dubai. The most suggested places to visit are Al Quwain, which is a neighbouring emirate of Dubai. Al Quwain has many great sites to visit, for example, its fort. It is also famous for its islands, giving great chance for an excursion. Ajman, which is also not far from Dubai, is also getting popular as a getaway resort.

If you want a longer excursion after swimming in Dubai, then visit Al Fujairah emirate. It offers a chance to make a scuba diving too. It is about an hour drive from Dubai. It offers one of the most beautiful underwater worlds around the globe, Visit the Martini Rocks, the Snoopy Island or the famous Shark Island and their beauty will surely amaze you. The beauty of the underwater will amaze you too, at the same time.

Swimming in Dubai as well as trying other water-sports is one of the best things to do while being on holiday. After swimming in Dubai, try other famous activities too, such as an unforgettable desert safari or a banana boat drive. Surely, you will not have any moments spend bored while staying in Dubai.

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