The Best Dubai Golf Resorts

Dubai is famous for its wide possibilities for everyone who likes playing golf, let it be beginners or professionals, they will for sure be pampered here. There are so many Dubai golf courses and resorts, indeed some of the best in the world. Let us now see the most famous golf resorts of Dubai and uniqueness about them:

Els Club
Located nearby the newest part of Dubai, the Emirates Hills, the Dubai Autodrome and the Jumeirah Islands, this club is operates as part of the Jumeirah Golf Estates which is adjacent to it. The multiple world-champions, called South African Ernie Els set up and designed the club. Hotels and residences nearby and apart from being a golf resort supply the club. It has a beautiful sport centre with swimming pools and gym. The Els Golf Club is one of the most suggested clubs and golf resorts in Dubai.

Emirates Golf Club
Located inside the Emirates Hill’s Residences, the Emirates Golf Club is the biggest golf clubs of Dubai. It has several leisure possibilities as well as many restaurants. A huge sports centre is also part of the Golf Club. The biggest Golf competitions are held over here. The Emirates Golf club is located just in the centre of New Dubai, and there are numerous hotels next to it, such as the Le Royal Meridien Resort and the Hilton Jumeirah Resort.

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club
This is one of the most prominent Golf resorts of Dubai, having a beautiful location, where you can make friends with both the golf and yachting society of Dubai. This club offers much to its visitors and members. The Hyatt Regency is located right next to the Dubai Creek Golf Club and it operates as part of the club itself.

Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa
This is one of the best hotels of Dubai. It has numerous possibilities for doing sports. It operates also as a great golf resort and as it is by the sea having lot of water sport facilities as well. This is one of the most suggested hotels for those, who would like to spend their time with relaxing and sports activities while they are in Dubai. Jebel Ali Gold Resort has also a great Go-Karting course and its own horse-riding course as well.

Jumeirah Golf Estates
This is recently one of the unique Golf courses in the world. This huge golf resort has five main parts with each one of them being designed by a top golf champion, inspired by the five main natural elements, the Water, the Earth, the Wind and the Air and the Fire. You cannot imagine how beautiful this huge golf area looks like. All five main areas of the Jumeirah Golf Estates have their own residence parts, with shopping centres and hotels in the area. This is one of the must-see golf resorts of Dubai.

There are only some of the main golf resorts of Dubai. Apart from these, there are the Majlis, the Montgomerie and so many golf resorts more all over Dubai. It is up to you which one you go for. Even if you are a beginner, do not hesitate to enrol in some of the beginner’s classes in one of the Academies of the Dubai golf resorts, as golf is definitely a great, relaxing game really worth playing.

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