The Best Golf Lessons in Dubai

Golf has become one of the most popular sports in Dubai. The emirate has been hosting several of the biggest international golf tournaments such as the Dubai Desert Classic, the Dubai Ladies’ Open or the Dubai World Championship, not to mention all the domestic championships and the championships within the golf clubs. The climate makes Dubai one of the most inviting places for playing golf. Those who live here can virtually play golf all year long. If it is hot like during the summer, many golf courses offer night lessons for the better convenience of the players. Dubai is full of first class quality golf courses, and if you want to take golf lessons, then you should definitely try it! In this article, we will explore what are the possibilities for those who would like to learn playing golf for the short-haul and for the long haul too.

Read more for the best places to take golf lessons in Dubai. Contrary to the beliefs, not every golf course provides beginners with golf lesson possibilities. Yet if you would like to learn golf from professionals than you should start up at the golf academies as follow:

Emirates Golf Club:
The Emirates golf club has a great academy and its in fact one of the most popular in Dubai as the Emirates Course gives place for the highest number of tournaments in Dubai. Emirates Golf Club offers both private lessons and lessons in groups, depending on your actual level. There are 30 min and 1 hour courses. Emirates golf courses are not cheap though they offer the widest variety of golf lessons such as:
– Individual courses
– Group programmes: With max eight persons in a group, Emirates Golf Course has a special “Learn golf within a week” programme providing the members for 5 hours per week program during which they guarantee you to learn the basics of golf. The membership price is AED 500 per week including a
– First Time Friday lesson is also available for any beginners and for total beginners as well. This is a great chance because it costs only AED 80 per session and it is for everyone who would like to learn if only a little basic of golf.
– Ladies Programme: is only for women and it costs AED 1100 per course with great female instructor.
– The kids golf lessons at Emirates Golf Club are the Kindergarten Pyramid programme for children between the age of 4 and 6, the Junior Pyramid Programme for children aged 6 to 16.

It’s “brother” club, the Dubai Creek Golf Club has similar sorts of courses in its Academy. For private individuals it is also possible to get a golf champion for teaching them, for a hefty extra. Both the Emirates Hills and the Dubai Creek Golf courses have plenty of hotels in their areas. If you would like a different sort of place, you can visit the Al Badia Golf Club, which is one of the top quality golf clubs of Dubai. It is located next to the Dubai Creek by the Dubai Festival City on a huge area.

If you would like to take golf lessons during your holidays, these one-week courses of Emirates Golf Club are just perfect for you. Further lying golf resorts, such as the huge Jebel Ali Golf Resort have their own academies where visitors can take part in golf courses on every level.

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