The Best Malls To Buy Diamond Necklaces

If you are a fan of shopping, you should not miss visiting Dubai. The emirate and metropolis in one has made shopping its main target and today, Dubai is the best shopping place ever. You will get to find an incredible number of Dubai malls here from the biggest to the smallest and each shopping mall have a great number of jewellery stores which sell high quality jewellery and watches. If you are looking for a diamond necklace for instance, the variety of goods is incredibly high. You will need to prepare to go to a couple of key- shopping malls where you can find some of the best jewellery brands of Dubai. In our article we will get to see a couple of downtown shopping malls where its really worth looking for beautiful diamond necklace creations.

Dubai Mall: The biggest of all shopping malls in the world, as per its sheer territory, the Dubai Mall is full of hundreds of stores, a great percentage of which is first class local or international jewellery store. From all the stores that deal with the reselling of the elite brand, such as Rivoli, Paris Gallery and so many others, we can find so many genuine jewellers such as Damas Jewellery, which is the biggest jeweller of Dubai, housing almost 30 different jewellery collections. Dubai Mall has recently created its very own Gold Souk, which is by far the biggest covered gold souk in the world. The great gold souk houses the local jewellery brands, while other parts of Dubai Mall hide the most elite and luxurious brands in the world. Some of the most notable diamond necklace collections can be seen at Dhamani Jewellery, Al Liali Jewellery, Damas, Devji Aurum, Pure Gold, Prima Diamond, Sky Jewellery and at Yahya Barakat Jewelleries. From the international brands, you can find here the showrooms of Graff, De Beers, Chopard, Cartier, Chanel, Dior all featuring their most beautiful and luxurious brands for all the lovers of luxury in Dubai. If you visit these great stores during the shopping week, you can get to find some of the most beautiful diamond necklace sets in the world.

Mall of the Emirates: The second most popular, but definitely most elegant shopping malls of Dubai has a lot to offer for all the fans of jewellery. The great mall offers multiple department stores, such as the Harvey Nichols or the Bloomingdale’s where you can get to check out the latest jewellery trend among diamond necklaces by top designers from all around the world. Mall of the Emirates also houses several elegant showrooms of world famous jewellers such as Pandora and Swarovski and you can get to find some of the biggest Dubai jewellers here such as Al Liali, Bin Hendi, Al Futtaim, Pure Gold, Al Zain, Navrang among many others. The great mall is also world famous for housing the one and only skiing places in Dubai, the Ski Dubai.

BurJuman is one of the newest and trendiest shopping malls of Dubai, which has become the most famous for housing the one and only Saks Fifth Avenue outside of the United States. The great store houses all the best garments and jewellery of top brands, which makes it a must-visit place, when you are in Dubai. BurJuman is luxurious enough also on its own, housing some of the best local and international fashion and jewellery brands.

And after visiting all the shiniest shopping malls in Dubai, be smart and take a tour to neighbouring Gold Souk in Deira, where you will get to see the same brands only with more bargains and with more attractive prices. You should also get to visit the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, another top place for shopping great diamond necklaces for more suitable prices.

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