The Best Waterpark of Dubai

Water the real birth place and life line of all forms of life. It has a soothing effect on us. It not only helps in taking out the stiffness in our body, but also provides a succor to our mind. Probably that is the reason why most of us get excited and attracted when a chance is there to get into it. This is the precise reason for establishments of water-based theme parks all around the globe.

Dubai’s Wild Wadi Water Park
Now let us learn about the Dubai’s Wild Wadi Water Park, a 20 minute ride from the city center to its location between the famous Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

In Arabic, the name Wadi means Oasis. This park is designed on the same lines as an oasis, hence the name Wadi Water Park. Once you enter the Park, you are entitled to enjoy all forms of water rides. It includes for the not so brave, children, the aged and persons with medical risks, a relaxing and fun way to spend time by just floating around in still waters and relax. It provides rubber rings, life jackets and water boards for them. The park has 90 lifeguards on duty to keep you safe all the while you having your fun.

Go ahead and enjoy the splash with your family on a family ride called Summit Surge and Rushdown Ravine. This daring combination is just out of the ordinary. The ride first blasts you upward in to an elevated pool and then rapidly brings you downhill, to a distance of 170 meters subjecting you to high gravitational force. It just pumps up your adrenalin. The excitement is to be experienced.

This water park, spread on a 12-acre plot has many things to offer. It has as many as 23 games to indulge you and the excitement makes one to seek more and more of it.

About the Ride
The Jumeirah ride hurtles you at 80 km speed downward from 33 meter height. Of course, the weak hearted shall not try this. Take in the feeling of a rough sea with the 1.5-meter high waves crashing down on you at the Breakers Bay. Then on to the Rush down Ravine ride. At a whopping 170 km. speed or the Master Blaster an uphill water slide, still you are left with 14 more interconnected rides to tire you down

Watch the Wadi Wash a sound and light fair to bring down the BP raised at the other wild games. Unwind yourself by witnessing Flash Flood at the fossil Rock that holds 60 thousand liters of water to create the flash flood. In all it provides you with a wonderful experience.

Wild Wadi Dubai opens daily at 11 am local time and has different closing hours in different periods of the year. During January, February, November and December it closes at 6 pm. During March, April, May, September and October the Park opens at 7 pm. And during June, July and August at 9 pm.

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