The Famous Dubai Gold Market

Dubai Gold Souk is among those characteristic places of the city that reveals the true trading of the East that depicts its mixture of the traditional and modern. The city is widely known as the “City of Gold” because you will not find any other market that contains such a vast number of gold as in Dubai gold market. You will be dazzled by the beauty and charisma of gold that is placed on display in several shops in this market.

Dubai gold market is located at one of the narrow alleyways of Deira district. This place is not difficult to find, you can easily take a cab to reach here. However, it is recommended to bring some sunglasses along as the shine of gold in this market might dazzle your eyes. You will be amazed to know that there are around 300 shops in this market that sells the same thing; gold and jewellery. That is the reason that thousands of people visit this market daily to get the right kind of gold at reasonable prices. Every traveller who comes to explore Dubai must also be aware of Dubai gold market, which is among the central attractions of the city.

People who are willing to buy modern designs in gold can find almost all the famous jewellery brands here including Damas, Joy Alukkas, ARY, Taiba… You can also find certain smaller shops here that rely more on traditional jewellery designs that are also quite elegant. Dubai gold market started operating when traders from Iran and India came to this city and started their stores in 1940s. You would also be surprised to know that according to certain calculations 10 tons of gold can always be found at Dubai gold market every time, which is enough to make this place the world’s biggest gold market.

Westerners are used to of shopping in closed atmosphere and air–conditioned shops, but as soon as you will enter Dubai gold market, you will be quite surprised. The reason is that the gold souk is an open market so you need to organize your visit to the market accordingly. The jewellery that is on display in this market usually consists of necklaces, pendants, bangles, good luck charms, amulets and many such gold forms.

If you look for the most appropriate time to visit Dubai gold market, then it would be late afternoon when you might escape the scorching heat of the sun. Travellers who stay at the beachfront hotels get the facility of free shuttle bus rides from their hotels to Deira markets and these trips are offered mostly in the afternoon. You can also visit this market after dark as the shops normally remain open till 10 pm that is why westerners generally choose to visit gold souk after the sun sets. Hence it is recommended to avail the cheap prices offered at Dubai gold market and brag as much gold as you want from here because you will not find such a vast variety of gold anywhere else.

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