Thrilling Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

overnight desert safari in Dubai

At first, to be more specific on the title here, an overnight desert safari in Dubai does not literally mean a desert safari within the city itself. Dubai, being part of the Gulf countries, situated on the Arabic Peninsula has its main natural characteristics being a desert land. Dubai Desert has beautiful sand though, and picturesque sand dunes, located all around the city. Dubai, focusing on tourism these years, has quickly realised the high touristic importance of both its desert and its desert culture, called Bedouin culture that plays an important role till today in the cultural life of Dubai. An Overnight desert safari in Dubai gives you the fantastic experience to spend a night out in the wonderful Dubai desert, living like a nomad for a day.

If you go on an overnight desert safari in Dubai, you can take some of the best photo-shots ever, paired with a beautiful experience in your life. Overnight desert safaris usually start in the late afternoon hours, including about an hour drive out to the desert, where people dressed in traditional Bedouin dress, welcomes you with some mint tea in one of the set–up, cosy Bedouin tents. Then you can watch some performances, in which you can also take part personally! First, you will get the chance to ride a camel, of course if you are brave enough to do so. In the meantime, your guide will tell you lots of information on the traditional Bedouin lifestyle, culture and language, and also about the love of camel races all over Dubai, being also the favourite sport of his highness Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai.

For the lovers of more extreme or simply new sports, there are chances of trying sand boarding. Sand boarding or sand-ski is using the specific features of sand, with its ability to act a bit like the snow, when something rolls over it. You can have some great coasting, going downhill on the huge dunes of sand.

The evening is about having fun. Muslim culture traditionally does not support the consuming of alcoholic beverages but due the need of some tourist, they are now serving alcohol, but only in the evening. There will be some performances held, out of which the most popular is the belly dancing. Other part of the show is the singing or Bedouin songs, and if you are lucky, you will see the performing of some treasured ancient Bedouin dances.

Now, let us close this monologue with the enlisting of some important information on an overnight desert safari in Dubai. First, bring some warm clothes with you. The temperature variation is famously the highest in the desert, the temperature at night might even be around zero. Always take a bottle of water with you, no matter what. If you are with smaller children or baby, you should not go on a desert safari yet, wait a couple of years more with this tour; also, desert safaris are a big no-no for everyone who is expecting a baby. When you order or buy an overnight desert safari, be careful on turning to trustable travel agents, who can assure, that you get the best quality experience. Some may never have this experience in their whole lives, so do not hesitate; go on an overnight desert safari to experience the desert life of Dubai.

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