Top 5 Star Hotels of Dubai

Dubai is full of luxury hotels. There are mostly five or four star hotels all around town, seeing hotels with three stars are very rare. Dubai is intending to be a touristic place and it has become so, with all of its unbelievable sites and architectural wonders, its beautiful beach and thousands of shops. That is why it has a high number of Dubai five star hotels, most of them being luxurious.

Dubai is full of interesting things to do and attractions, so there is no way that anyone could feel bored while being in Dubai. Here, you can find five star hotels, which are surprisingly cheap. Interestingly, the trademark hotel of the city is the vessel-like Burj Al Arab, which is not a seven star hotel, it has the five stars. The international hotels associations that are authorised to categorise hotels by stars have very strict requirements on what a hotel should possess in order to be a five star hotel. Still now, it is the five stars, which officially represent the highest quality of hospitality instalment.

There are some five star Dubai hotels though which just categorise themselves unofficially into being a five star hotel. If you see a hotel with one restaurant calling itself a five star hotel, do not ever believe it. Not even a four star hotel can have only one restaurant inside. So, be careful, as you can see, categorizations can mean more things at the same time. Hereby we enlist some examples for the best Dubai five star hotels:

Downtown Five Star Hotels
There are two downtown areas for Dubai, one is the Bur Dubai, Deira part with the Dubai Creek dividing them, making the old city centre of the town and the other is the Jumeirah part with the new business centre, the Emirates towers and the world trade centre. The Bur Dubai and Deira districts are full of hotels. In fact, the most economical hotels can be found here. It is really worth staying in the old town part of Dubai, as it is full of shops, restaurants and hotels. The best Dubai five star hotels in the Deira part are the Hyatt Regency, the Carlton Tower and the Sheraton, all on the shores of the sea or Dubai Creek. The best hotels in the Jumeirah district are the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Towers Rotana and the Shangri-la. The third Dubai downtown area is soon to be ready: it will be the huge Jebel Ali zone, a former village nearby Dubai, which by now is the new district and home to many constructions.

Beachside Five Star Hotels
The beach of Dubai is long and beautiful. It is stuffed with the best hotels. First, there is the part owned by the Jumeirah Group, namely the Madinat Jumeirah, with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab, all being top Dubai five star hotels, with the Madinat containing 3 live star hotels. In the newest part of Dubai, the beachside of the Dubai Marina and the foot of the Palm Jumeirah island contains about 20 top quality five star hotels. Among the most beautiful Dubai beach hotels, we can find the brand new Zabeel Saray, which is a luxury five star Dubai hotel.

Five Star Spa Hotels
The best Dubai five star spa hotels of are the Le Royal Meridien Beach Hotel & Spa, with a huge spa and about 15 different restaurants inside with a great Kid Club, the Atlantis the Palm, which is one of the biggest and most picturesque hotels in Dubai, with a great spa. Among the best resorts, we can enlist the Jebel Ali Golf Resort too.

These are only a few out of the hundred of top quality Dubai 5 star hotels. If you want to know more on Dubai five star hotels, the best you can do is to travel to Dubai, to look around and to do some research.

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