Top Gold Jewellery Stores in Dubai

Gold has always been a passion for the women in terms of jewellery shopping. The most durable material ensure to provide the jewellery in its best form and its sparkling nature provide the ultimate charismatic look that is used to accompany a variety of looks in women; from modern business class to the traditional bride. In search for such high quality, women are willing to spend endless and search often directs to the city of gold called Dubai. The local shops are recognized all over the world for their ultimate variety and affordability delivered with utmost customer care.

Gold has always been a major preference for people in terms of jewellery shopping and Dubai gold jewellery stores respect such intentions with providing the maximum convenience for its valuable customers. From western style of jewellery to following the traditional rage in vintage collection, Dubai is all about ultimate charm of gold and bringing the perfect fusion of high quality and affordability. Each year Dubai Shopping Festival held provide a major platform for Dubai gold jewellery retailers to exhibit their latest collections and display the finest designs that are admired for their royal look and luxurious feeling. People from all over the world visit Dubai to witness such modern collection.

Joyalukkas is considered to be among the most remarkable Dubai gold jewellery shops for its ultimate variety. There are number of stores dealing in Dubai with the complete variety of various gold items. The company truly understands the passion of its customer and it has been serving with excellence over the years. Damas is another such brand that has its majestic collection in gold and diamond. A number of local Damas brands are known for their true enchanted collection while the company also offers sale of international brands. The local jewellery stores are also dealing with efficient retail sale.

The traditional gold market of souk also offers many reputed gold jewellery stores in its narrow streets, the presence of stores in Dubai Gold Souk ensures to bring the wholesale price of gold jewellery. Considered as one of the most lavishing attraction of Dubai, the place let the visitors indulge in true glittering experience. Apart from shopping, the place also provides some insight to the gold designs and the price range that is available in its affordable form. The stores in gold souk also offer exciting packages for their necessary promotion in terms of gold sale.

Many of the reputed jewellers also offer their services online. Almost every other renowned store has their official site to offer the complete catalogue online. The company website provides the complete company profile for understanding the theme behind the designs and its making. Apart from that online shopping is considered to be the latest trend to shop in Dubai and number of stores haves started taking their orders in gold jewellery. There are many places in Dubai where one can buy quality gold. From Deira City Centre to the Burjamin Centre, jewellery stores are there for best services and amazing deals.

Apart from all the attractions that Dubai has, it is also called the “City of Gold” for offering gold in such a bulk quantity. This simple fact will be enough for you to consider that Dubai plays an important role in gold manufacturing and trading all over the world. In fact, Dubai produces some of the finest gold jewelry that is in demand in the entire world. The designs that can be found here include modern, traditional, old, conservative, delicate and robust and can be created in several gold colors like yellow, white and even pink.

Dubai souk as well as other famous shopping centers and malls contains gold outlets of several famous international brands. Damas is one of the most successful and prominent jewelry brands that operate in Dubai. Damas is famous for the fact that it produces three types of gold jewelry to cater the needs of all kinds of customers. These include low price, semi exclusive and exclusive jewelry. You can find around twenty international and local brands, which include around dozen brands that sell different watches. Damas gold jewelry contains its stores at the Gold souk and in almost all the shopping centers in Dubai.

Al Futtaim jewelry, which is backed by Al Futtaim trading group provides all sorts of gold jewelry and first class watches. You will also find Zain among the best gold brands in Dubai where you can find gold in almost all categories of price. Taiba is also famous for providing highest quality gold. Taiba jewelry has produced the heaviest gold ring that can be seen at the Gold souk. Taiba jewelry offers gold jewelry ranging from 18 K to 22 K.

Joyalukkas is the Indian brand that has its outlets in Dubai as well. It has gained huge popularity for the last ten years. Joyalukkas is popular for its beautiful gold jewelry and wedding sets. Dhamani offers some of the best jewelry in the world. The outlet is also famous for implementation of the first Dubai cut, which can be found at the main shop. You can also get high quality gold jewelry at Dhamani that is manufactured in both India and Dubai.

You will find certain other gold shops at Dubai gold souk that sell international gold jewelry. There are certain other great shops at this souk including Pandora, Chopard, Mouawad, CartierTiffany and Garrard Diamond. In fact, the entire souk consists of hundreds of jewelry shops that sell cheaper products.

So it is recommended to buy all the gold jewelry from here because you might not find such a vast variety of precious jewelry anywhere else. However, it is suggested to shop well before buying any jewelry in Dubai. If you do not find the price of one gold product satisfactory then you should be satisfied to find the same material at some other shop at a much cheaper price. That is why shoppers always bargain and shop well for getting the best deal.

Gold arrives in Dubai from the main gold mining places of the world, namely India, China and Turkey. The Dubai gold is always ensures to be the best quality gold and all sorts of gold markets are selling gold and gemstone jewellery all over Dubai.

Amazing gold collections can be bought just anywhere in Dubai. Yet the best places to buy gold from contain the Gold Souk of Deira, Dubai and also the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which is an international complex offering tax free leasing of the offices and workshops for jewellers from all over the world. Dubai gold trading has always been among the main trading activities of the sheikhdom. The jewellers of Dubai are making by far the most beautifully designed jewellery for the public from 18 to 21 carats of Gold. Currently, the white Dubai gold is the most famous to go with diamond jewellery and men’s gold collection makers are starting to favour rose, pink, blue and the rarest of all, the purple gold for creating several beautiful collections. Dubai gold selling places include the following main areas:

Deira Gold Souk
The Gold Souk in Deira is traditionally the best selling place for Dubai gold also because it is the main hub of gold selling. Do not be fooled by the word “souk” which means marketplace. The most prominent jewelleries also have their stores over here, same as the smaller jewellery manufacturers. In the Gold Souk, you will see dozens of shops full of all sorts of Dubai gold, in all carat and quality. Currently the highest quality gold sellers of Dubai are the Damas Jewellery Taiba (for yellow) the Samra (for white) and the Joyalukkas Jewelleries. The Al Zain, the Al Seddiqi and the Al Futtaim groups are all among the biggest gold jewellery sellers of Dubai.

Dubai Mall Gold Souk
Here, in the Gold Souk of Dubai Mall, you will find several national and international jewellery shops from the most prominent names. The Gold Souk of Dubai mall has the advantage to be in a shopping mall, with a dozen of jewellery stores located outside the Gold Souk of Dubai Mall. Here there are more than twenty different shops selling all sorts of Dubai gold jewellery.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
The Gold and Diamond Park sells high quality gold in its visitor’s centre. Enlarged around 2006, the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is also among the most popular Dubai gold jewellery traders in the zone. Over here, you can also see or buy the so rare purple gold and beautiful diamond jewellery. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is a special place offering workshops and offices tax-free for all the international jewellery makers who would like to change market or just to manufacture their jewellery much cheaper. The DGD offers leasing facilities though for 3 years. In the visitors centre, everyone can have his or her own shop. Currently there are among 40 Dubai gold jewellery sellers here.

Dubai gold will almost remain very popular to buy from all around the world. While some websites make offer online selling, some other huge jewellery companies have their own system long ago. Dubai gold is great quality cheaper sorts of diamond and gold.

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