Trilogy Dubai

Trilogy is a beautiful nightclub located in the Jumeirah district and it is quite a new nightclub to add to the existing club scene of Dubai. Dubai is already famous for its many clubs and night-out possibilities and now, the Trilogy Nightclub is a great choice for you to have fun in one of the nicest places of Dubai.

The Trilogy Club is located in the newest district of Dubai, called the Jumeirah District. In addition, the club is part of the great souk called Souk Madinat, which is in fact a wholly modernized souk and entertainment complex, specifically designed for the tourists. The whole souk is located by the biggest luxury hotels, namely the Burj Al Arab and the huge Jumeirah Beach. The Jumeriah Hotel Group owns and operates the whole souk, named Madinat. The specialty of the Trilogy Club is its closeness to these famous hotels, guaranteeing full dance floors each night.

Trilogy hosts some of the most popular local and international DJs who take care of the good atmosphere throughout the evening and night. The Trilogy Club consists of two dance floors, namely the Main Room and the Studio. There is also a great bar and terrace for those who would like to relax a bit before or after dancing. The whole club is located on three floors of the building that houses the whole discotheque. The Trilogy has programs 5 days a week, Wednesday and Sunday are the days when the club is closed.

Before going out to see the Dubai Nightlife, please note the following:

– take care of the dress you are to wear. The Dubai casual and night out dress is far less revealing than the Western style. If you go out, wear long trousers and no tight dresses. Wear long-sleeved blouse or a long dress with a cardigan or a big scarf. Remember most of the time, the more means a more stylish outlook. The evenings, especially by the sea can be chilly even in Dubai. Do not wear anything too casual; otherwise, you risk not to getting entrance in to a couple of clubs. Clubs of Dubai require an elegant outlook; this is the rule, so keep it and you will have a great time.

-If you go out, and you are a woman, try to get in touch with more people who go out, so that you can leave with them this way. It is safer for you and more accepted by the locals.

-Remember that in Dubai the alcohol is a big no-no, except the hotels’ area and a very few bars. Do not drink too much, the sight of a drunken man or woman is especially disgusting for Muslim people.

-Remember that many clubs set rules not to let people who are either under 21 or under even 25 years old. The alcoholic drinks are not served to people less than 21 years of age.

-Entrance fees tend to be high especially in the members-only clubs.

-All places close at 3 am. You cannot do anything about it, as this is a law. Therefore, for closing we suggest you a pleasant walk on the Jumeirah Beach to see the beautiful dawn before going back home to sleep a bit.

These are the main rules to follow when it comes to the Dubai nightlife. Apart from night clubs and discos, also most shopping centers and attractions are open until 22H, sometimes even till 23H, which is a great thing! Anyhow, people of Dubai dine a lot later than Western and Northern Europeans and Americans do, they have similarities with Spanish in this way, who tend to eat dinner around 22-23:00 as well.

So, if you want to look around in the city in the evening hours and looking for a hype dance floor in authentic atmosphere, do not forget to drop in to the Trilogy Disco, as its music will surely make you stay for a long time. Trilogy is one of the finest and trendy discos of both the Dubai nightlife scene and the downtown area.

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