Underwater Suites of Atlantis

Nowhere else in the world can you find oceanic views that are as exotic as those seen within the underwater hotel rooms of Atlantis The Palm. The Dubai hotel, which was named the World’s Leading Landmark Resort 2015 by the authoritative World Travel Awards, has for the world talking, and for all the right reasons. Underwater suites are not an everyday feature in hotels, and even in beach front resorts, only a few hotels can boast of offering underwater hotel room. Atlantis is certainly one of these and without a doubt, leads in the art of underwater accommodation and recreation. But what exactly is an underwater hotel room at Atlantis, The Palm like?

Think an unrestricted view of The Ambassador Lagoon. Wait. That’s not all. There is also the mythical lost city of Atlantis. You get to see all those ruins, aka The Lost Chambers Aquarium, and re-imagine what the city was like in your mind. You can be sure no other underwater suite offers such a magnificent view of the sea. The clear blue waters of the sea are as real as the air you’re breathing and they’re only a glass ceiling away. If you like the idea of sleeping with the waves gushing against your window and the dolphins and other sea life floating about you, pull back the drapes of your windows and live through the magical underwater moment all through the night. If you enjoy sleeping in pitch-black darkness, draw the curtains and savor the quiet and serenity of the sea as sleep catches up with you.

Atlantis underwater suites measure 165 square meters and accommodate two adults and two children each at maximum capacity. An alternative to this arrangement would be three adults and one child. This means whether you’re traveling as a family or you’re only bringing your partner along, there is more than enough room for everyone. Enjoy some privacy in the individual rooms within the suite or have quality family time popping into each other’s rooms, as the rooms are interconnecting. With these underwater hotel rooms, you’re never really alone and yet you can have as much alone-time as you like. As often as you want.

Staying in an underwater hotel room at the Atlantis gives you odes of extra benefits. When you book one of these underwater suites, you also get unlimited access to the Aquaventure Waterpark, the leading water park in the UAE, greater Middle East and even Europe. True. Internet-search it to believe it though you’ll only really understand just how massive this park is when you see and experience it for yourself. Visit the mythical Lost Chambers Aquarium whenever you like throughout your stay at no extra cost. It’s here that you’ll acquaint yourself with over 60,000 marine species. Talk of a sea life education. You also get access to the Dolphin Bay, one of the finest dolphin sighting bays in the world, at hugely discounted rates. There is also free Wi-Fi, airport rides and more perks to enjoy.

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