Versace Handbags in Dubai

Versace is one of the most popular Italian brands today in the world. Their Greek freeze logo is very well known and very often copied illegally on the black-market. Versace was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace and it has stayed a family company ever since. Versace today deals with all sorts of fashion lines from haute couture to jeans, their accessories as the Versace handbags are worldwide famous. Versace is present in more business fields in Dubai as they are currently building their first ever luxury hotel in Dubai, which is named Palazzo Versace and will contain such luxurious extras which the world has never seen before.

Versace is a real luxurious Italian fashion line that represents all luxurious fashion items for men and women and they have their huge legion of accessories of all sorts, which range from their popular eyewear collection to their popular Versace handbags. Versace is dealing with multiple fashion lines such as the Versus which is now being rearranged and reopened, the Versace Couture which is their main line containing the expensive haute couture and luxury items and Versace Jeans which is the most casual line of the brand. Due to the heavy impact of Versace’s items, being illegally copied and sold worldwide, the brand’s items are today mostly sold only in Versace’s own boutiques. The brand is concentrating on its main collection largely which wears all the signs of the Versace style with being eclectic yet Italian at the same time. Today, the chief designer of the fashion house is Donatella Versace and she is the one who overlooks all designs as well.

Versace’s other famous lines include the Versace Home collections which include textiles, furniture and other interior decoration items with also tableware and its very famous in the richer households and the Versace Jewellery, a relatively new line which contains so many uniquely beautiful jewels that all look pretty tempting of jewellery fans. Versace has always had strong bonds in California and in the West coast’s biggest cities, such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas and their fashion collections and beautiful Versace handbags are worn by the elite of the United States.

The fashion line has always been unique with a wild adaptation of strong colours, yet this year’s spring / summer collection’s Versace handbags are surprisingly laidback in their extravaganza. We can find several black and white handbags and even the coloured bags are lightly coloured with the sole exception of the Freeze handbag, which is fully gold. Versace handbags in Dubai are not sold elsewhere than in the brand boutiques of Versace, out of which you can find two in the Dubai Mall, with one of the boutiques selling solely the jewellery collections of the brand. The novelty about the world famous Italian brand is that Versace is the new guest designer house that took part in designing their limited edition H&M collection that has caused a great frenzy all over the world. This special collection is available already in Dubai too, in the local stores of H&M.

Versace bags are easily recognisable for their style and their logo too. You can only guarantee their genuine quality if you buy them in its Dubai store. Hopefully, in the future we can see even more Versace boutiques with the superb Versace pieces being sold there. One of them will surely locate within their Versace residences.

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