Versace Shops in Dubai

Versace is a success story of a man and a family coming from the very south of Italy, from Reggio Calabria. Gianni Versace had been the leading designer of Italian fashion for almost twenty years. Versace is a brand, which is highly famous in Dubai. The Versace brand has many labels, such as Versus, Versace, Versace Collection and Versace Jeans Couture. Each one of the labels has shops in Dubai, for the Versace and versus being the most famous ones, together with the Versace perfumes that is also very popular all over Dubai.

Versace business, a S. P. A today, was set up by Gianni Versace the leading designer, whose collections have quickly become world famous, for their high style, womanly designs, sexy image. The Versace clothes are unique, sexy; bring a sex appeal with them. For these reasons, many stars have worn a Versace design for their presence at the Oscars in Cannes, just to mention this two events as the most famous events where everyone mostly are present from movie and fashion world. The Versace designs are often made out of shiny, colorful materials, which make their wearers stand out of the crowd. The Versace men’s collection is also highly popular with the elegant lines and textiles they bring into the menswear. This great fashion designer passed away in 1997, so ever since his family took over the governing of the Versace fashion empire and they do it very well.

The main designer of the Versace main collection is Gianni’s sister Donatella. The Versace is one of the most popular Italian brands in the United States, especially in the California-Hollywood-Beverly Hills section. Versace Jeans Couture was specifically planned to bring the brand closer to the everyday shopper and to the younger generation as well. Versus is the line that is responsible for accessories, watches, and the perfume collections of Versace. After having its first watch collection welcomed with much success, Versace has their watches reinvented in style and in quality, and Versace created the Versace Precious items, which include their watches, fine jewellery and different collections of pens.

Versace was the very first fashion house that took part in the designing of a car. Versace designed the interiors of the Lamborghini Murcielago. Versace is the second fashion label having their own range of luxury mobile phone at a fantastic price, decorated with fine crystals of high value, the devices are made by LG. These little pricy phones can only be bought at the label stores. Versace Home sell all sorts of textiles and set together with decorations and furniture for interiors is also a great part of the brand often featured in interior design magazines.

Interestingly, Versace items are among the most copied items as well in the whole world, so do not buy any labeled goods of Versace unless you buy it at a licensed Versace shop or at a label shop directly. Otherwise, the chance is high to give up a lot of money for a copy. Even several boutiques and other stores sell fakes of Versace, especially wallets, handbags and perfume.

In Dubai Mall, there is the Versace label shop, selling the clothes and all sorts of accessories like sunglasses, handbags, shoes, etc. The Versace label shop is the Versace, other than this there is a whole shop for Versace Jewellery. There is an alone standing store for selling Versace Home collections. In the BurJuman Center, the Saks also sell part of the collections.

If you go on a shopping tour in Dubai, do not think that you would not be able to afford to buy yourself a Versace. Even if it is not haute couture, but the Jeans Collection of Versace has been specifically created for selling clothes for those who wish to wear Versace during the day for a more economical price. You may find good pieces as well if you go on a shopping tour in the Dubai Outlet Mall, famous for its low-priced fashion items.

Shopping in Dubai is an experience in itself. You will not see this many designer labels anywhere else in the world. Moreover, due to the regular discounts, you may find some Versace clothes at a lot more affordable price than you might have thought before. If you come to Dubai in the summer, you will see that the Dubai Summer Surprises discounts will bring you a fantastic clothes shopping experience, through all its discounts.

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