Visiting The Best Dubai Souks

Dubai is known for displaying Arabic culture in a modern and healthy way. Being an Islamic country, it is still keeping the tradition of its history. Dubai is rich with high buildings, but still offers places that keep the historical events alive. Many such examples can be found on the street sides that reminds of the old Arabian culture. One of the biggest examples is Dubai souks. These markets are still keeping the Arabic culture alive with their way of selling and buying goods.

Dubai souk is a market specifically present in Arab countries, serves as purchasing of goods as well as selling them or exchanging goods with it. It begins with the sale of some home products such as spices, perfumes, and some fine silks, but, with the popularity of these souks, electronic items are now also added into it. Initially, the goods present at the souk were normally brought by the neighbouring countries through ships or boats. With the passage of time due to its popularity, the goods increased and so do their mode of transportation. Now today Dubai souks are also known for keeping latest products at reasonable rates.

Among many attractions of Dubai, the fish market is of keen interest to many buyers. The smell of the fish and the loud noises of the bargaining give you the exact look of historical markets. Even if you are not interested in buying the fish, the process of cleaning the fish will probably fascinates you and your family. Opposite to the fruit, there is a vegetable market that offers remarkably low price. There is also a restaurant for the seafood lovers and for making your trip worth it, also there is  a museum there.

If you are visiting Dubai for the sake of gold then the Dubai Gold Souk is the place for you. From one end to the other, each window displays the beauty of the yellow gold and forces you to stop and have a look. As the prices are remarkably low, the quality is still not compromised here. Apart from gold, this souk also offer the diamond and other expensive stones. If you have visited The Dubai Mall and go through some of the international brand prices, then you can figure out the huge difference between the prices offered at the Gold Souk and branded prices.

If you are a food lover and you have all the knowledge about the ingredients of food, then spice souks is the ultimate selection for you in Dubai. Located on the opposite side of Deira, the colourful market offers a variety of spices. Most interesting thing is that the seller of these spices entertains you with all the historical knowledge of the spices. Looking at the wide variety of herbs and spices, this endless experience will keep the aroma in you for quite long.

The textile souk also gives the ultimate experience of rich and fine fabric that you hardly find anywhere else in Dubai. Reasonable prices and the huge variety of fabric make your trip memorable.

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