Wandering at Dubai Textile Souk

Middle East is renowned worldwide as a largest producer of textile. Biggest textile industry is located in Dubai. There are thousands of textile markets in Dubai but it is the biggest among all. Dubai Textile Souk is not only the biggest textile market in Dubai. It is one of the largest industries in the world also. Dubai has its uniqueness in textile. Top branded garments are traded in the market.

Dubai is also the biggest exporter of textile in the world and also the largest seller and buyer of fabrics. It consists of thousands of shops and stalls. Fabrics are traded on the streets of the market also. Small shops having a woody structure increase the beauty of the market. Colourful schemes of garments in the market make the whole atmosphere very colourful and attractive. People all over from the world especially from Asia are found normally in the market. The whole market is surrounded with fast food shops and cafes also. You can enjoy shopping with a splendid taste of traditional fast food of Middle East.

Tourists are attracted to Dubai Textile Souk very strongly because of its beauty and traditional stuff that is traded here. Textile is always the most important and the mother of all industries of any state. Countries having a healthy textile industry are always having a comfortable economic position. Similarly, Middle East has the most powerful and healthy textile industry. If we just take a quick analysis of Dubai only, then it is really amazing that forty percent of the annual income in Dubai comes out from textile industries. As all we know, Dubai is one of the richest countries of the world. Thus, we can easily conclude that the economy of Dubai depends heavily on its textile trade.

Dubai Textile Souk started his journey from few garments shop that was incorporated by local residents of UAE. Later on, few other retailers invest heavily in textile business and started their business there. Gradually, a small business network converted into a world’s largest textile market. Dubai is basically a place of immigrant community. People from all over the world are migrated here. They also started their businesses in Dubai. That is why in Dubai Textile Souk, you will find large number of immigrants’ shops. Mostly they are from Pakistan and India. Dubai is also a tourist resort. Big investors from all over the world purchase garments from Dubai Textile Souk. They get back to their countries and sale this stuff at huge profits. The prices in textile industry of Dubai are relatively cheaper as compared to other countries.

Dubai Textile Souk remains open six days a week. It remains close on Fridays. Timings are from 9am to 6pm. Due to very hot weather in Dubai, people mostly visit Dubai Textile Souk in the evening. Its exact location is Bur Dubai. It is the most hustling and bustling area of Dubai. It remains alive 24 hours a day with people. Security arrangements of Dubai Textile Souk are splendid.

Very tight arrangements are made around the market. Security cameras are installed at every 50 meters. Filtered water coolers are also installed in the market and proper washroom facilities in the market are also made for comers. Restaurants and cafes in the market are also in business. Fresh food is served in these restaurants and cafes. In short, we can say that it is a wonderful place for shopping. Peaceful and clean environment of the market is a real attractive and significant feature of Dubai Textile Souk.

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