What’s Around Burj Khalifa

Inauguration of Burj Khalifa not only broke many Guinness record but was an eye-catcher. Burj khalifa was inaugurated in 2009 it was surely the most talked subject all over the world. Popularity of Dubai reached new heights and people from all over the world flocked to Dubai just to take a glimpse sensational creation of architecture. This is a magnificent creation of architecture and thus claimed the record of being the tallest standing building till date. Dubai has always been popular for its shopping bonanza but Burj Khalifa a major part of Downtown Dubai has surely made Dubai a holiday destination you cannot afford to miss.

Downtown Dubai present a unique blend of urban lifestyle backed with luxury that forms the key aspect of modern Dubai. Downtown Dubai was constructed at the time when the world was suffering from a financial crisis and Dubai was heavily into debts. As a result of financial crisis the deadline for the completion of the project was missed once but Dubai made a remarkable recovery to complete the project on its second deadline. Burj Khalifa is surely a symbol of success, the way it has managed to handle the tough times and come out strong to stand tall. Burj Khalifa is not confined to hotels only but it is a center for commerce, apartments, malls and corporate offices.

Downtown Dubai initially known as Downtown Burj Dubai is a man made complex for the purpose of mixed use. It is one of the major developmental programs undertaken in Dubai. It is a widespread complex including some of the major landmarks namely Burj Khalifa, Burj Khalifa Apartments, Dubai Fountain and The Dubai Mall. Downtown Dubai covers a vast area of 2 square kilometers, making it one of the best complexes in the world. The project cost is enormous and the actual cost sore up to $20 billion. Downtown Dubai is surely a place that catches the glimpse of every eye.

The Downtown Dubai is on Sheikh Zayed road along Al Wasal locality on the north western part. The construction of Burj Khalifa Apartments is made in a way that it is connected to the business bay in the south, and financial centre road in the north east thus separating from Zabeel 2 and Trade center 2. The location of the Downtown Dubai was of prime importance at the time of construction. It was made in such a way so that reaching the most developed part of Dubai would not be a problem. It is also connected to Dubai metro through Burj Khalifa metro station. The developmental process was mostly divided into 11 portions of which Burj Khalifa Apartments was the most integral part.

Building up of Downtown Dubai was a strategic decision on the part of Dubai’s economy. Dubai is well known for its oil reserve and most of their revenue is being generated from the oil plants. But with economies round the world making a radical change Dubai’s government made a conscious effort to diversify the economy and allow free trade of various commodities and aspect of tourism was of utmost priority. There was a time share of oil revenue feel in their GDP and that was the time when construction of the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa bore them the fruit.

Emaar, a UAE based construction giant has brought the project into reality. Downtown Dubai has certainly created havoc in the world of architecture. The complex is one of its kinds and surely a work of engineering brilliance. Not only Downtown Dubai is a place of commercial purpose but it would surely make tourist from all round the world come to Dubai.

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