Where To Buy Ed Hardy Clothes in Dubai?

Ed Hardy is not kind of an average person. He started as a tattoo artist and ended up as a high profile brand just a few years later. So, how did he do it we might ask? The answer is good hands and good men who believed in him saw a fantasy in his works. Ed Hardy brand today counts as a fresh energetic brand making lots of colourful clothes for every generations, but also keep the past unforgotten. Ed Hardy today goes around the world, feeling great, promoting his brand and making some great contracts everywhere. Therefore, certainly you can find Ed Hardy store also in Dubai. Dubai lets great talents to flourish in its city for the wellbeing of the business and in order to make many people loving the brand already ultimately happy.

Ed Hardy, a then only tattoo artist came out with an idea in 2002 to create his own clothing brand, which would feature some of his works on them. He started out as Hardy Life LLC coming out with Shirts and T-shirts at first.

The first big breakthrough for Hardy came through Saks Fifth Avenue, being among the biggest fashion retailers in the United States for many years then, to publish Ed Hardy brands in its stores. It had been surely a success because Ed Hardy brand is flourishing ever since. In 2004, the brand got a great help also from the French fashion designer Christian Audigier who intended to be the producer of the line from then on, making great improvements by increasing both the number and the type of male and female garments published by them. Of course, all items wear the handwork of Ed Hardy himself, his artworks giving great style and a youth edge to the collections.

The marketing technique based on Audigier’s ideas has started out by direct promotion for all the big stars. Therefore, many Ed Hardy stores have opened up in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all around the star struck areas of California. Today, due to its great success, you can find the brand all over the world, including Dubai, Kuwait, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Mumbai. From 2009, Iconix Brand Group purchased the half of the stocks of Ed Hardy brand.

Ed Hardy brand has also been issuing specialized items, for example specific tools for hairdresser. Therefore, it has been selling its Ed Hardy Professional Styling Tools. There include hairdressers’ specials, just as several hairbrushes, styling irons and other different styling tools and hair accessories. All the items include some of the trademark tattoo drawings of Ed Hardy. Fashion lines published in the Ed Hardy stores includes: Men, Women, Kids, Caps, Shoes, Lifestyle.

You can get reach of the Ed Hardy brand easily in Dubai in even four malls in its downtown. The Dubai Mall, the Wafi Mall, the Grand Cineplex of the Al Ghurair Shopping Centre and in the Dubai Festival City as well. Ed Hardy brand is also selling out online, by which you look at its collections and items, this way you can be able to state which pieces you prefer the best then go to any of the enlisted shopping centres.

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