Where To Buy Gucci in Dubai?

We all expect total and ultimate luxury in Dubai and we are right in doing so! Dubai is all about luxury in lifestyle for many people, in dressing up and fashion trends. Of course, the most expensive brands are not for us but for the wealthier class of locals and tourists.

Gucci is today a name that has become one with the extravagance and Italian quality. Gucci, an Italian fashion business, which has become internationally famous as one of the top fashion brand was under the reign of Tom Ford who is now working as a famous fashion freelancer. He left Gucci as a flourishing business that is now, under the fashion leadership of the Italian fashion designer Frida Giannini, going more extravagant with more emphasis on the younger generation in its clothes and style.

Gucci has widened its offer of clothes many years ago, and today perfumes, accessories, watches, footwear of Gucci are world-famous. Most women in the world know the logo of Gucci and the brand is definitely among the most stylish and fashionable ones. Along with Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, the highest rated Italian fashion brand in the world, is in the list of Top 10 most purchased luxury fashion labels. Shopping at Gucci is more than a pleasant experience. Interestingly, Gucci started as a family business and it is still a family run business in Italy. It started back in 1921 in Florence, Toscana, Italy. Today, the managing director of the business is Lorenzo Gucci, the grandson of the founder Guccio Gucci, who has set up his business in Italy after having learned about design and sewing in New York and all over Europe.

Today there are wide possibilities if you are looking for shopping Gucci clothes or accessories. Gucci, being a famous label also in Dubai is sold at more shopping malls and shopping centers of Dubai. The main shop can be found in the Dubai Mall; the shops that partly sell Gucci brands can be found in bigger malls, such as in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Saks Fifth Avenue of Dubai.

The demand for luxury handbags is very high in Dubai, which means, that even this offer of Gucci is still not enough. That is why; more and more tend to buy the newest or most popular luxury goods online and the label shops run out of them very quickly and the waiting list is quite large. Still to look at the newest clothes and designs of Gucci is always a fantastic experience for fashion lovers.

Gucci sells all sorts of fashion goods; nowadays its watches and perfumes are becoming extra famous as well. As all stores, Gucci also has some yearly shopping discount periods, especially during the Dubai Summer Surprises event that lasts all summer long. If you want further discounts, you should visit the shops, which are partly sellers of the Gucci brand. Look for them according to your type of good that you are looking for by Gucci. Many jewelers offer Gucci watches for example, but you may find Gucci clothes only in the brand shop and in the biggest shopping malls such as the Mall of the Emirates or the Dubai Mall.

During your shopping or sightseeing tour, do not forget to peep into a store selling Gucci and all sorts of luxury brands. Dubai has such sort of luxury offers that you will not see in any other place in the world. Shopping is a great deal in Dubai and Gucci is definitely one of the most looked-for brands by locals and tourists as well.

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