Where To Find The Cheapest Hotels in Dubai

If you are a tourist and would like to visit Dubai, a question comes up from time to time, on where to find the cheapest hotels in town. Indeed, there are some areas where the prices of the hotels is not sky high. So, let us give a helping hand for you in this and write about where to find the cheapest Dubai hotels.

Let us start with the fact that Dubai is really a huge town and it is just getting bigger year by year. They try their best to ruin some of the older districts now, to build new mixed used complexes there. In finding the cheapest hotels over here, normally the same rules apply here as with any other sea resorts, namely that a hotel is expensive when its high category, it is in the very downtown or just right on the beach and if it has a good name. Sometimes you might find hotels being next to each other, but still with higher price difference because of the difference in their name and category.

In Dubai, the cheapest districts in the downtown are the Al Karama, the Al Barsha and the Garhoud districts, but of course, if you search, you can find even more places right there. You can find some cheaper hotels in Deira too, which is a great thing, as Deira is in the downtown.

If you want the cheapest hotels, then the Al Karama district should be your first stop though. This is the district where mainly foreigners live and operate their stores. The highest number is the Indian, Pakistani, Omani minority but you can also find Iranians, Thai, Philippine places. Here hotels are indeed the cheapest. If you find a hotel here, then it might even be half the price than of a downtown hotel.

Of course, we must also consider other locations as well, in Dubai for you to find the cheapest hotels in town. The second tip is the Al Barsha district. This district has the most four star category hotels and apartment hotels. The apartment hotel can be cheaper solutions, but you can also find a place where there is not only a kitchen but also catering facilities, in case you would like to eat some prepared meals instead. Al Barsha houses many of the Accor hotels and the mid-category hotels, such as the Ibis, the Holiday Inn hotels and many more of the private hotels owned by locals. The Al Barsha has a good location, right behind the Jumeirah Beach area so this is a good district to consider staying in.

Then, there are the choices to stay a bit out of the city. In Jebel Ali or in the nearby Sharjah, there are some of the cheapest hotels in town. You just have to see here the transportation costs, in case you would like to go to the downtown. If you opt for beach holidays, then a suburb seaside hotel might be a good choice for you.

For getting, more information on the price and quality, on the cheapest hotels, visit some forums on the internet also, discussing Dubai hotels in detail, and we wish you good luck in finding even more of the cheap Dubai hotels.

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