Al Kananah at Dubai Gold Souk

If you come to Dubai in search of the best quality gold jewellery or jewellery that comes in fine quality and does not cost a fortune, then you are at the very best place. Dubai’s centre for gold trading has long been the Dubai Gold Souk, and this is still the bastion of all gold, diamond and silver related jewellery trading. In our article, we would like to represent you a unique brand of jewellery that does not only deal with gold and diamond jewellery but also represents beautiful collections of silver jewellery. Let us see what is worth knowing about Al Kananah Jewellery.

Al Kananah Jewellery is one of the outstanding new local brands that have grown out to become an outstanding brand with multiple stores all around Dubai, also including the bigger shopping centres of the city. In Dubai, when you are looking for gold you have literally a thousand different choices on where you should go. Yet, when it comes to finding quality silver jewellery, the choices will become somewhat more limited. The reason is that, silver jewellery, although looking outstanding, still generates a lower interest in the circles of the ordinary jewellery buyers. It is though highly possible that the collections of Al Kananah Jewellery will change this habit, because this brand has really heightened the level of silver jewellery making in Dubai.

The brand Al Kananah has been originally founded in Sharjah, the province that neighbours Dubai from the North. Al Kananah has started its jewellery business under the name “Prakash Emporium” and by the time it has changed its name to Al Kananah Jewellery, it has been one of the significant brands of Sharjah. Today the brand operates around six stores in Dubai, where it features collections made out of the high quality Sterling Silver and gold, with the inclusion of diamond and various different gemstones.

Centred still in the world famous Dubai Gold Souk, the brand offers special jewellery collections, such as wedding jewellery and custom-made jewellery on order to its clients and overall it deals with top quality jewellery collections. The interesting in Al Kananah’s collections is, that this brand is one of the very few which does not deal with the brands of other jewelleries, what it offers is genuinely Al Kananah; therefore, you won’t see diverse names of collections, when it comes to the brand as all the masterpieces of collections come under one name. The jewellery collections of Al Kananah Jewellery are for special occasions, each one being artistically crafted and designed to look elegant, classy and overly pompous in the same time.

If you are looking for the collections of Al Kananah, you have the best chance to find them in the Gold Souk where it has two stores, one of which specifically deals with wholesale clients. To its much satisfaction, Al Kananah Jewellery has just opened its showroom under the name of AK Jewellery in the Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping centre of the city. The collections of Al Kananah are also sold in ROCX Jewellers in Dubai Mall; apart from the huge mall, you can find the collections of the brand in shopping malls as the Lamcy Plaza and the Arabian Center.

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